The Effects of Ecstasy

Ecstasy is a “psychedelic amphetamine,” whose popularity has risen over the past twenty years with its ability to alter human feelings. Ecstasy is the chemical, Methylenedioxy-N-Methamphetamine. It has many other names, such as MDMA, E, ETC, E, M, adam, bean, and roll. Taking this illegal drug can cause many negative effects that can damage your brain and life.

The basic effects of ecstasy only last three to four hours. Most people find an extended period of two to six hours when the user finds it hard to sleep and there is definitely a noticeable change, but it is not big enough to be considered ‘tripping’ (MDMA Basics).

With taking ecstasy, users claim that the drug makes everything seem alright. A lot of times the user becomes carefree and feels as if the drug has taken away all of their problems, but in reality, the drug has only put the problems on a ‘back burner’. Also, the drug can add to the problems on the ‘back burner.’

Also with taking ecstasy, users feel that the drug just makes their body feel great. Ecstasy does offer the effect of stimulating the body and making the user feel like their body is set free. Ecstasy also gives the user an “extreme mood lift, increased willingness to communicate, increase in energy, ego softening, feelings of comfort, belonging, and closeness to others, feelings of love and security, increased awareness and appreciation of music, increased awareness of senses (eating, drinking, smell), sensations that are bright and intense, and the urge to hug and kiss people” (MDMA Effects).

Ecstasy also has negative effects that come along with it. With taking ecstasy there is a negative reaction called, “the crash.” The crash is when a user, after taking ecstasy, experiences a dramatic worsening of the mood as the climax wears off. This is where the user is coming down from their wonderful experience. Some examples are: not wanting the feelings to go away, being sad, scared, and annoyed afterwards. The crash does not happen after every experience and some users never experience them. One major problem with experiencing the crash is overdosing. Users will overdose from trying to regain the climax experience (MDMA Basics).

Overdosing is something all ecstasy users should be cautious of. For first time users, they should always start low and work their dosage up. If overdosing does occur, some of the effects are: “vomiting and headaches or dizziness” (MDMA Dosage). Some users are very sensitive to MDMA, so users should always be cautious.

When purchasing ecstasy, concerns of the purity of the drug come about. A problem most ecstasy users have is finding good quality in the material they are purchasing. Some tablets that are sold on the street contain “mixed assortments of psychoactive substances or no active ingredients at all” (MDMA Health). Some other substances that are substituted for MDMA in the fake tablets are: caffeine, amphetamines, and DXM. Caffeine and amphetamines will make the user have more stimulations and feelings of restlessness. The substitute, DXM, has become more common with street ecstasy. Side effects of DXM can be very unpleasant, especially if you are not expecting them. Some side effects are: “strong disorientation, dizziness, nausea, and grogginess or strong sedation” (MDMA Health). Ecstasy pills have become well known for their unreliability in their content, which has lead to the development of MDMA-testing kits, that help users have a general idea of what is in their pills (MDMA Basics).

Another problem with the use of ecstasy is feeling extremely drained the day after the use. For most users, this means they need to plan two days for their ecstasy experience: one for the climax experience and one recovery day. Some users also experience “post-MDMA depression.” This experience often starts on the second day after the use and lasts up to five days. A small percent of users experience depressive symptoms for weeks afterwards. Although some of the users say they have a better feeling than normal for a week or so after taking MDMA (MDMA Basics).

Other effects of ecstasy are overheating, nausea, vomiting, jaw-clenching, eye-twitching, appetite loss, increased heart rate and blood pressure, restlessness, nervousness, shivering, and a strong desire to do or want more when coming down (MDMA Effects).