The Dream

When Bobby Hunter was 12 he had a dream. He dreamed of a strange place that
had everything he could ever dream of. It was a dream world, something he could only
imagine actually being in. The place was so peaceful and quiet. He never saw any sign of
human life though. He had had this dream before and he kept on having it, each time he
had the dream something different happened.
Bobby is now 14 and going to Lakewood High in southern Florida. He practically
lives in the water. He is either swimming or fishing, and when he is at home he is usually
swimming in his pool. Bobby loves to fish, and at least once a week he goes out fishing
with his dad. They have their own little fishing boat that they go out on.
It’s a Saturday morning and Bobby has nothing to do. He asked his dad if he
wanted to go fishing because they hadn’t been all week. His dad refused because of the
bad weather. Bobby kept on begging, but his dad told him he wouldn’t change his mind.
He was getting really mad at his dad because he really wanted to go.
So instead of waiting a few days until the weather got better he decided he would
take the boat out by himself. He told his dad that he was going to his friend Justin’s
house, but instead he took the boat keys and went to their boat. His dad let him drive it all
the time, so he figured it would be a breeze.
He got on the boat and sat down to rest for a little while. He shut his eyes and fell
asleep. Within minutes he was driving the boat. He drove for about 15 minutes and then
stopped and started fishing. He pulled up his line once the water began to get choppy in
the area he was in. He started to move again, and the water was getting even worse. He
went to the boat’s communication system and called the dock to ask for a weather report.
The man on the dock that answered the call seemed terrified. He said in a
surprised voice, “Are you out in the water?”
Bobby answered, “Yes.”
He said to Bobby, “What are you doing? There is a big hurricane coming in, you
better get out of there, and get out of there now!”
Bobby was extremely frightened. He said, “How long do I have?”
The man said, “You better...” and then they got disconnected.
Bobby kept trying to call back but it was no use. He put the boat into full speed
and headed for home. A few minutes after he started going the waves were getting bigger
and bigger. He had to slow down to make it over the waves. He couldn’t get over them;
they trapped him and kept pulling him further and further out. He was now holding on for
dear life as the waves crashed onto him and his boat. The waves were the biggest he’d
ever seen.
The next set of waves came and picked his boat up, and at the top of the wave the
boat flipped and Bobby fell out of the boat. He was in shock and could barley swim. He
thought he would be able to handle a situation like this because he had always spent so
much time in the water, but he couldn’t. The water kept getting rougher and rougher, and
he got more tired and more tired. Finally, he tried to relax and he closed his eyes and let
the water take him.
He woke up to the chirp of birds. His face dug into the sand, and his clothes were
ripped up. He had a cut on his left leg about three inches long, and it was bleeding. He
opened his eyes, squinting from the bright sun. He looked around wondering where he
was. He saw no people, only heard the birds chirping, and some quiet animal cries in the
distance. He got up from the ground and looked around. He didn’t recognize where he
was. He looked at the water, and it was a beautiful light blue color that he could see for
miles and miles. There was nothing he could see beyond the water, just water and more
water. He turned and looked at the beach. The beach seemed “new.” There were no foot
prints or animal tracks.