The “Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen” is finally here to better our government. First let me introduce myself, my name is Pierre Leon, but my friends call me Jacques. I am a descendent from a great family of engineers. The Declaration will help me to better my life in many ways.
Everyone will be treated the way they should be, equally. I am no more important than a beggar on the street. Are social classes might not mean as much now, but I would trade that for equality any day. Social classes are only used to see who gets what and from whom. The law might apply differently to me now, but it is only for the better.
No longer am I a subject of the awful king, Louis XVI, but now I am a citizen to the nation of France. Vive le France!!!! I look differently at our great nation, no longer do I feel like a captive, but now I feel “free.” The king can no longer tell me what is right or wrong, only the law can.
Taxes will be divided equally amongst everyone. I believe in this idea very much. A lot of people got away with not paying taxes before, but now there is no way around it. This tax must be put in place so we may keep our government running strong. Without this tax our government will surely fall apart.
Another big part of this declaration is the preservation of the natural and imprescriptible rights of man. No longer will my liberty be taken away. Only law can say what is right or wrong for a person. I do not have to do anything anyone tells me to do unless the law says that I must.
I finally have the power to speak, write, or print what I like. This is one of the most precious rights. The freedom of thought is a very sacred right. Without this right, none of today’s inventions, that we take for granted, would have been created. Try to think of a world without the wheel. It would be almost impossible to travel or get work done.
An individual can now choose religion. If I wanted to become a protestant, I would now have the choice to do that. Religion should not be governed by the government. Every person has different thoughts and therefore different beliefs. These beliefs make people individuals and not clones of each other. If someone believes in something else they should not be penalized for their beliefs, but commended on their individualism.
Lastly there is a great chance that my economic status will be upgraded. I can buy the property that I want. I don’t think the taxes will have any effect on our economic status. Many of my colleagues helped write this document and I know that they would never try to harm our economic status.
The Declaration is a giant leap for our nation. Our nation was starting to fall apart. Now we can build this country strong and healthy, and finally become one of the worlds greatest powers.