The Death Penalty

The death penalty is a subject that has had much more popularity since it was reinstated in 1976,
compared to the years prior. It is a subject that raises many moral issures. It
questions the constitution an most of all it questions god. If there is an individual in society who has no remorese
ruthlessly taking another life, what should be his or her punishment? Letting them go free is obviously out of the question, and what of our rapidly fill
filling prison facilities and the cost? What about the victims and their families? What about the ten commandments and thoushalt not kill
Should the judicial system have the right to sentence someone to death, or should we letr
god be the one to play "god"?

People who ruthlessly kill. Wouldn\'t they be less likely to kell if they knew that if they too
a life , theirs would be taken also? If the death penalty was upheld and used more often, we could eo
away with the evils of our society. Jails wouldn\'t be so overcrowded and if we killed the killers then their organs could be given
to science to save the lives of good peo;le who really need the help./ The death of a slayer would give the
sense of closure and would allow the victims families to not live in fear.