The Crucible 9/27

The Witchcraft scare in Salem in 1692 was fueled by a variety of factors. People in the town of Salem were very scared. They were accusing people of being witches left and right. They were doing this because they were either scared of a certain person or they saw that person doing weird stuff. This is why people were being accused of being a witch.
In the town of Salem there has been many rumors about witchcraft. There has been people in the woods engaged in voodoo ritual led by Parris’s slave Tituba. While they were doing this they were caught by Reverend Parris. This is how the witchcraft rumors were basically started. People in the town accused other people of being witches for any reason.
People in the town accused people of witchcraft for many things. They basically accused them for doing weird things. There were some girls that would do a lot of weird things in the town. For example when Abigail drank the blood, people thought that she was a witch so they would accuse her of being a witch. The townspeople accused people of being a witch mostly because of this reason.
Another big reason that someone would be a witch is that they did not like that person or they were just scared of them. Sometimes if you saw someone walking and they looked funny or just doing something bad you can say that they are a witch. You could of also said that someone was a witch if they were not praying at all. Then if you were accused of being a witch and did not want to be one, you can just say that you were made to do it by someone else. For example you can say that she sent her sprit out after me and she made me do it.
So as you can see anybody can be accused of being a witch in the town of Salem. If you did anything eerie or if someone did not like you, they would accuse you of being a witch. The townspeople had to stay home in there house so no one would accuse them.