The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexander Dumas\'s The Count of Monte Cristo is a very sourceful book with the main character,Edmund Dantes , creating different and new identities. Even though these characters names are just being changed, or in Dantes\' case, changing their names, this still means creating various identities. In every identity change, there is a different name or "alias" , and with every name comes a different identity. Dantes had to create a different personality to go with each new character to keep himself disguised. Just like anyone else who may be popular, people feel the need to change their identities for many different reasons, some more commonly used than others. People who change their identities may feel the need to change their identity because it lets a person be someone different, its unique, it defines who you really are or who you want to be, it allows you to hide or get away from yourself and others, and many other reasons. For these reasons or at least some of them,Dantes, the main character of this book, creates a new identity so many times. The main reason that he changed his identity so many times was to hide himself from the people he confronted and to get revenge.

Dantes confronted many people whom he had confronted in the past. Appearing as Dantes would have probably caused more conflict between him and those other characters. For example, the first identity change came after he escaped from prison and found the" treasure"(53). Dantes had disguised himself as the priest "Abbe Busconi"(80).The priest Abbe Faria made this easy for Dantes because he taught young Dantes to be"a well educated nobleman"(79). He had an encounter with Fernand earlier in the book (89) and did not want him to recognize that he was Edmund Dantes, the man who was once" engaged "(10) to Mercedes.

Another case in which Dantes was hiding himself is when he was disguised as"a man in his early thirties"(93), the English Representative of Thompson and French (102) . He came to pay a "debt"(93) for Morrel.Dantes worked for Morrel on the ship"Pharaon"(5), and he came back as the English Representative to pay off his debt so that Morrel would not know who it really was.This shows Dantes\'s want to do good for his" loyal friends"(78).

Being one of his other characters,"Sinbad the Sailor"(334),it brings the reader into Dante\'s almost "evil" side.It is also the persona Dantès adopts during his time in Italy. To those who don\'t know him , he resides "on the sea"(334),and is a "smuggler"(334).He brings that "mysterious"(334),silent,character that always keeps you guessing.He is described as being "a remarkably handsome face; his eyes were penetrating and sparkling; his nose, quite straight, and projecting direct from the brow, was of the pure Greek type, while his teeth, as white as pearls, were set off to admiration by the black mustache that encircled them"(345).Dantes uses this character as the signature for his anonymous gift to Morrel.

Emerging from prison and inheriting his vast fortune,The Count of Monte Cristo is usually associated with a coldness and bitterness that came from an existence based" solely on vengeance"(111).The count knows a great deal about executions,and other forms of "punishment"(112).Under this persona,Dantes begins to construct the" web"(113) by which he will destroy Danglers, Villefort and Fernand.He believes in an" eye for an eye"(112), and thus, since he has suffered so much, his enemies will suffer a great deal.This persona had sociability,physical strength, and great knowlege to get Dantes his final revenge.He later does question his "god-like"(338) role at one point,but then decided it was right.

The only one knowing of his presence,was his "one true love"(7),Mercedes.He did fool all others on the island but not her.She did keep it a secret although when she first saw him her son said "are you ill mother"(122)?Mercedes becomes"lost in thought"(123) about all of this happening.She warns her son Albert to "be careful around the count"(125).Although she deosnt like what the Count is doing, later in the book she understands his "desire for vengence"(130).

By combining these various persona,Dantes shows he has the knowlege,perserverence,and will power to get through anything in life.Using each one of his "alias" to get by in different situations,he succeded in finally getting his revenge.He was at