The Comanche

The Comanche were originally part of the Shoshone tribe that used to live in Wyoming and Montana. This area was very c cold and mountainous. But, they were buffalo hunters and had to follow the buffalo. They followed them down into Colorado.

The Comanche liked that area. It was called the Southern plains. The climate was mild and there were plenty of buffalo. The women gathered roots, fruits, walnut and elm nuts.

The Comanche wanted to rule the entire area and drove the Apaches out. That's how they became enemies with the Apaches. The huge area of land they ruled included Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. This land was known as "Comancheria". They fought fiercely against any invaders.

All Comanches belonged to hunting bands. There were large bands and small bands. Five major bands were formed, one in the south, east, far north and west of the "Comancheria".

The Comanche were different from other Indian tribes living on the plains. They did not build shelters and plant crops. They lived in tepees. They were hunters and traveled around
constantly looking for buffalo, deer, elk and other
animals. So, they lived wherever the animals were.