The Christian Rite of Baptism

GCSE RS Coursework


The Christian rite of baptism should be reserved for Christian families and/or believers only.í

Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have considered more than one point of view

I believe that the Christian rite of baptism should be reserved for Christian families. I believe this because baptism today is becoming a trend, something that everyone else does so you do to. People like this will probably never set foot in a church again after the baptism. Many will never contribute to the church or take part in any activities organised by the church. I donít under why they get baptised and do nothing religious after, like confirmation or the regular Sunday service! I am sure that many people see it as an excuse for a family and friends gathering. Because of all these factors it is not as special or as meaningful to Christian families.

I feel the same way about adults getting baptised because it is what they want to do and therefore is more significant.

I do respect the thoughts of those who believe that baptism shouldnít be reserved for Christian families because changing this rule will turn hundreds if thousands of Christian families away from the church. Even if they are baptised and have never set foot in a church since they can be persuaded to change their ways and attend church and participate in church activities. Anyway, just because they donít go to church doesnít mean they donít believe in God. Even if they donít believe in God, he is believed to love and care for everyone.

If baptism isnít reserved for believers then it wonít be meaningful, so what is the point of getting baptism?

After considering both points of view I still believe that baptism should be reserved for Christian families and believers because it fundamentally it makes baptism more important to Christian families and believers