The chimpanzee is the closest relative to man. This primate is the only animal that can recognize itself in
the mirror. There are less than 200,000 left in the world. They are found mainly in Africa. The babies are
raised mostly by the mother. It eats lots of kinds of food. They communicate similar to humans. They are
very social which make them good to watch or study. Chimpanzees major enemies are humans. In general
the future of the chimpanzee is dependent on man.
The chimpanzee has an unusual appearance. Chimpanzees stand up to five-feet tall with arm spans which
are about as long as their bodies. Their arms are much longer than their legs. Chimps have dark, furry coats
with a white patch near their rump, which has no tail. Chimpanzees generally weigh between 95 and 120
pounds. Their faces are usually bare, but darken with age. Their noses, hands, feet and ears are a light flesh
The chimpanzee has an unique environment. Chimpanzees are found in many African nations. These
nations are only in western and central Africa. Chimpanzees live in mountain forest that can get up to
90,000 feet above sea level. Chimpanzees mostly live in warm, rainy forests. Chimpanzees spend most of
their time in near by trees.
Baby chimpanzees are raised primarily by the mother. The mother has one to two young per year, and
breeds at any time of the year. The female chimpanzee has a 35-day menstrual cycle. Its gestation period is
seven months long. The chimpanzee's babies weigh up to four pounds at birth. Young chimps are able to
make 32 different sounds. They learn to create tools from watching other chimpanzees. Young chimps ride
on their mothers undersides. At six months, they move up to their mothers' back.
The chimpanzee eats two times a day, early morning and late afternoon. The male chimpanzee eats his
share before sharing with the troop. The chimpanzee eats about 200 kinds of fruit and leaves, it eats all
kinds of honey, and insects; for example, they eat termites, ants, bird's eggs, birds, and small mammals.
The chimpanzee gets most of its water from fruits. The chimp eats meat. The killing is mostly done by the
adult male.
Chimpanzees are very interesting animals to watch or study. Chimpanzees are one of the smartest and most
and skilled animals in the world. Chimps are very social animals, and make good company for one another.
Chimpanzees often hug and groom each other, they groom by combing with their long nails. Chimpanzees
communicate through vocalizations.
The chimpanzee does not have very many enemies. The chimpanzees defense is to stay in large groups, and
live in trees and high upper branches. Their enemies are mostly hunters, who sell them to animal dealers for
zoos, circuses, and laboratories. In some places chimpanzees are killed for food. Because the dealers like
the young chimps, they often kill the parents to get the babies. They like the babies because they can train
them better than the older ones.
Chimpanzees are disappearing for various reasons. Chimpanzees are vanishing because their forest homes
are being destroyed. Chimps are extinct in four nations. They were driven away when lots of humans took
over their habitats. Chimpanzees are used for testing drugs. Chimps suffer from many human diseases like
malaria. Chimpanzees are shot for food. The mother is usually shot to capture one baby. There are only
150,000 to 200,000 chimpanzees left.
Through the work of many individuals, much progress is being made in saving the chimpanzee.
Chimpanzees can safely live in protected habitats outlined by bamboo fences. Jane Goodall is also helping
save chimps, she is responsible for involving many people and for educating children through her lectures.
Jane Goodall's leadership encouraged one lady to adopt baby chimps that had been captured or taken from
their homes.
The chimpanzees only enemies are humans. In order to survive in the future they will need to receive
protection from these people. One of the ways to offer this protection is to provide special habitats.