The Case of Robert Latimer

We live in a society that strongly believes in justice and fairness, but it is difficult to depict where the line is drawn in the case of Robert Latimer.

There is no doubt in my mind that when Latimer put his daughterís life in his own hands he had her best interest at heart. I could not begin to imagine the pain that he went through watching his child suffer in pain. I believe that he felt a sort of helplessness when realizing there was nothing he could really do to help her.

However, I am not condoning Latimerís actions. He violated a value, and it is very important that we do not send out the message to society that his actions can go on without punishment. By the courts creating such a harsh punishment for him they are merely trying to re-establish the sense of values and morals that we stand for. There are consequences for every action. If we excuse Latimer, and allow him to walk unpunished, we would eventually have to let every parent of a suffering disabled child walk. We cannot glorify or justify murder no matter the circumstances.

Nevertheless, a life sentence for a man who did not kill out of hatred or anger is unjust. Latimer deserves a chance. The point of jail is to rehabilitate, and it is not going to take Latimerís life to make him realize what he did was wrong. Latimer is aware of is actions and I strongly believe that he is not a threat to society nor will he ever do this again. Latimer is going to live his life knowing that he is the reason that his little girlís life is cut short. But knowing she will not be suffering keeps him sane. Living this in a jail cell is not fair for him or the rest of his family. Latimer and his family have suffered through this ordeal, but not nearly as much as Tracy had her entire life.

We as a society should never condone these heinous actions, but being only human, we must consider the ideal of fairness.