The Call of the Wild
Jack London

The story begins by us learning about Buck the central character. He is a pampered dog that lives in the Santa Clara Valley in California near the time of the Gold Rush in Alaska. He is neither a housedog nor a kennel dog gut enjoyed both environments. Bucks owner is a judge and enjoys a very comfortable lifestyle. The hired gardener is the traitor to the family. He has a thing for gambling, and his salary does not permit him to support his hobby and his wife and many children. So when the judge was away the gardener sold the dog to a stranger to help his gambling habit. Buck at first did not realize what was happening until the stranger started to lead him away from his house.

He was shipped on a baggage car and sold to another stranger. For two days and nights he was on the train and did not have anything to drink or eat. Buck finally arrives in a backyard and meets a man with a red sweater. When he lets Buck out of the crate, he is furious. He hurls his weight at the man is knocked down senselessly by the man's club he does this over and over again till he finally collapses on the ground with blood an saliva all over his coat of golden fur.

He was then later sold to a little man named Perault. He was very old and spoke English very jerkily. Perault's partner was named Francois. They were both French Canadians that were fair and honest. They knew the dogs to well to fall for their tricks. They boarded the ship Narwhal and left Seattle for the North in search of gold. Buck learned the "Law of Club and Fang" that when you went down you never got up. He learned that same night that to sleep warm in cold areas to get in snows drift and keep out of the wind. All of this time that Francois and Perault were in the camp they had been acquiring dogs for a dog sled team to go in search of gold.

When they finally set out of camp Buck had a hard time keeping up with the rest of the team his feet pads got torn and his 140 pounds did not help either. He ate very little to get his weight down. HE could not sustain himself with one and a half pounds of sun-dried salmon a day so he started stealing bacon to satisfy his hunger pangs. He went to stealing the food of Francois and Perault and got away with it. Soon after they set up a camp on the shore of the lake and started to feed the dogs when a wild pack of hunger-driven huskies attacked the camp for food. They tore into the sled dogs with ferocious velocity and ate all of the food out of the grub box. The sled dogs then fled across the ice and to safety.

Buck had a feud going with another dog in the group called Spitz. Spitz antagonized Buck for no reason except to make Buck mad. Buck had always been a timid dog and Spitz took advantage of that. Buck finally got the chance to kill Spitz and did while he was hunting. Then buck became the lead dog. Soon after the pack was sold to men named Hal and Charles back from the states. These men should have never have left the states because they were out of place out here. They first overloaded the top-heavy sled and started off. The sled tipped over spilling its contents onto the street.
They soon began with a still to heavy sled but picked up six more dogs, which did not know the slightest about running on a sled. Buck soon taught them what not to do, but could not teach them what to do. The men soon found out why they had not seen sled with fourteen dogs' before. They need another sled to carry the food for the dogs. Buck and his fellow comrades were starved except for the leathery horse hide strips that had no nutritional value.

Then after the group reached John Thorton's camp Buck Refused to get up, even