The California institute of the art is a very difficult school nestled it the suburbs of urban Los Angeles. It specializes in several different mediums of art, from, illustration to dance. The institute has been around since the 1960ıs and has enrolled nearly 35,000 people in its 37 year history.

One of the most prominent factors that people face when choosing a college is, unfortunately, the $18,000 cost of tuition. California Institute of the Arts offers a well amount of money for those who need the help. Not only does CalArts offer fifty-six million dollars in endowment, they have a very successful financial aid system. Of all the 1997 students that applied for enrollment, 87% applied for financial aid. Of that 87%, 85% was judged to have the need for the money. From that 85%, 24% had their need fully met, an average amount of $15,094 awarded to each that received. CalArts also sponsors on-school part time jobs which earns 198 students and average of $2,302.

There are many costs on campus, seeing as how tuition is not everything, it is necessary for one to focus on the next greatest cost that a student faces: housing. The college holds over 440 college housing spaces priced at $2800 a semester in itıs vast campus. Due to the overwhelming need for a dorm, surprisingly, the freshmen are awarded priority when it comes to choosing a home. The dorms are also coed and are co-occupied by resident assistants.

The 708 student body is 60% men and 40% women. The students come from a wide range of environments. Hailing from 50 different states and regions, and 38 different countries. 65% of the students that are enrolled are from out of state. The student body is also highly diversified, 30% are a minority, while the rest are just regular white boys.