“The breeze is quite chilly on this Sunday morning as I sip my milk in a swimsuit on a sidewalk off of a crowded New York street.” This doesn’t sound like the place to be drinking a glass of milk, let alone to be standing with hardly any clothes on. But in a certain advertisement placed by the National Fluid Milk Processor Board, this is the situation represented in the picture. Not only the lack of clothes and the familiar scene of New York Times Square promote the milk, but the beautiful, young body of Rebecca Romijn Stamos adds the nail to the coffin. In this advertisement, the National Fluid Milk Processor Board uses sex appeal, color contrast, a highly recognizable background, clever writing, and a popular face to promote the drinking of milk by selling the ability to show off, or exhibitionism.
In this advertisement, there is an extremely beautiful face and slim sexy body shown in a little bathing suit. This makes me, the viewer, instantly interested in what the advertisement contains. The little gray two piece bathing suit covers up just a little bit of her body and makes the me, especially because I am male, look closer at the photo to see exactly what is going on. Then I see the milk mustache that covers her lip, which is almost as big as the swimsuit she wears. The area the woman takes up is also very important. She is in the middle of the photo and takes up the greater portion of the picture. She has the flamboyance to stand out there in little to no clothing while drinking the milk. She holds the milk while having a huge smile on her face. Her looks and clothing make here appear to be showing off in the photo rather than drinking milk.
There is a difference in color with the woman in the picture and the background where she stands. The background is in darker color tones and is even slightly blurred. This makes it recognizable, but not the first thing the viewer looks at. Plus, the glass of milk she holds is clearly viewable and looks tasty fresh. The woman in the picture is also very lit up. She is not bright, but is clearly the main focus of the advertisement. This makes you focus on her and not the city background. This draws the attention mainly to her and the glass of milk she holds. This lets me focus on the details of her body and face. This leads to the idea of her showing off rather than her drinking the milk.
This picture is taken place at Times Square in New York. I did not have to research this background to find this out, but it is something I have come to know just by watching TV and seeing other pictures of New York. The subtitle helps too, but it is a highly recognizable place. The picture of a woman standing there in her swimsuit is not very common. This points to the exhibitionism that she is showing in the photo. I believe that the scene of her standing in the middle of Times Square makes it look like she is just trying to show off, because it would take some guts to stand out in the middle of Times Square in a swim suit.
Using clever writing is a great way to promote a product, and it is done in this advertisement. Right at the bottom of the article there is a clever saying that the National Fluid Milk Processor Board has been using to boost sales. It is “Got Milk?” It is becoming quite trendy and widely known. It has a certain font that makes the words stick out and looks catchy for the words it displays. The big question mark following the phrase makes you ask yourself, “Do I have milk.” Above it in smaller letters is a message explaining the advertisement. It talks about milk and why she drinks it. “I’d say that’s news worth putting on display” is a line in the paragraph that makes it sound as if she is really showing off. So the text in the advertisement even points to the exhibitionism that