The book "Catcher in the Rye", had a lot of inner conflict with the main character.
He ended up having to go to a "headshrinker" to help him with his problems. He had no
idea what to do with his life and didn't think about what he should do before he actualy did
things. He did do a lot of things for other people though. He helped those nuns. He gave
them ten dollers for their charity box. He also had a lot of troubles with school. He got
kicked out of other schools, and he really didn't care. All he wanted was to be left alone.
He did not want to talk to alot of people. He wanted to be a hermit.
In the book "Death of a Salesman" there is a lot of inner conflict with the father. He
is always trying to be something that he is not. He lies to his family about how how good
he is doing at work and he also ends up lying to himself. He lies so much, that he starts to
believe the lies that he is telling, and then he falls into his own trap. He wanted to be
something that he was not. He knew that he couldn't be that, but he kept trying, and he
kept lying. He tried and tried to be the best salesman, to die, and have the death of a
salesman, but in the end, it all backfired on him, everything was the opposite of what he
strived for. He started going crazy, and then he lost it. He started to have his own
conversations with people that were not with him; people that were in his mind. He had a
imaginary girlfriend and many other friends that he would talk to. He put most of his time
into the people in his head, that he forgot about reality, and went on a voyage with one of
the people in his mind. That is how he killed himself. Listening to somebody that wasn't