The Black Plague

The Black Plague was during the era of the Medieval
time period, in the country of Europe. It killed lots of
people. Within months, the disease that Europeans call the
Black Plague was all the way through Italy. And by the year
1348, it had reached Spain and France. Once there it ended
up through the hole rest of Europe. This was an out
breaking disease that killed many, and was worse than any
war in history. Another name for this deadly disease was the
Bubonic Plague.
The disease was thought to have started as a
punishment from god, to the people. But later they found
out that it was far from that. People caught this disease by
fleas that were on rats and ground squirrels, which came
over on ships. The fleas jumped off of the rats, or when the
rats died, the fleas needed a new source to live on. They
chose people. This disease killed over 40 million people.
They had no idea how this disease came about, and had very
weird ways of trying to ďcureĒ it. They tried such things as
boiling onions and putting them all over their skin, they
stayed in their houses with the windows and doors locked,
they would wrap their wounds to try to stop them from
spreading, they would walk around carrying flowers and
sniffing them because it was thought that the disease was
caught by inhaling a certain something.
Even before the Black Death struck England in the
middle of the century, there was an agricultural depression
that which affected the whole western Europe. This
depression was intensified by the heavy taxation imposed on
account of the French war and then was worsened by the
plague. The plague carried off half of the population upon
some manors. By the end of the century, the population of
the entire country had fallen considerably.
It took the country more than a century to recover from
the devastating effects of the Black death in the fourteenth
century. Many other plagues also swept through the country
because of the rats too. After the death, the number of
monks also declined.
Now Iíll tell you the story of the bubonic plague (or
what everyone thinks): In the fall of 1347, a fleet of Genoese
traveling ships, packed with grain, left the Black Sea port of
Caffa and sailed for Messina, Sicily. By mid-voyage, many
of the sailors were getting sick and dying. Soon after the
ships stopped at Messina, and unloaded, the townspeople
started getting sick and dying also.
Within months, the disease that Europeans called the
Black Death was raging through Italy. By 1348, it had
reached Spain and France. It then raged through the rest of
Europe, and one-third of the people died. Thatís a big
The bubonic plague had broken out before in Europe,
Asia, and North Africa, but had died down before too many
people caught this deadly disease. The disease still lived
throughout the Gobi desert of Mongolia. In the 1200ís,
Mongolian armies conquered China and some of Asia. This
is probably what set off this plague again. In the early
1300ís, this plague also killed 35 million people in China.
In Cairo, one of the largest cities, the plague at its peak,
killed about seven thousand people in one single day. This
disease struck at an incredibly stunning speed. Unsanitary
conditions in towns and other such things guaranteed that
the disease would spread. Unaware of what a flea bite might
mean, people paid little attention until they noticed the
swellings and black bruises on their skin that promised
death. Victims suffered heavy sweats and convulsions,
coughing, spat blood, they smelled horrible, and died in
The plague brought terror and horror cause they had
not known any way of stopping it. Witchcraft and magic
were turned to by people in search of cures. Others believed
that they got this plague as punishment from God.
Religious people blamed the Jews for the disease. Because
of the religious people thinking that it was the Jews fault,
they slaughtered many of the Jewish people. We found a
quote that would be good to say to the people against the
Jews: ď You say that your god is great and all-powerful; why
then can you not pray for us?Ē Isnít it a great quote?!?
As workers, employers, and others died, the production
decreased to an ultimate low that could not be regained for a
long time. The workers that survived this deadly plague,
demanded higher pay. Due to this the prices of merchandise
and trade went up. Landowners and merchants argued for
laws to limit the wages. To stop increasing costs,
landowners switched from