The Bic Click pen is a quality writing instrument. The primary function is non-verbal communication
but it has other uses. Because of the multiple applications, the Bic Click pen serves as an asset to every
The pen consists of seven parts. The parts are an outer casing, small metal clip, ink cartridge, small gold
button, small metal spring, two housing components and a small gold ring.
The color of the pen is green. It is five and one half inches long and one-quarter inch in diameter. The
characteristics of the pen are transparent which causes it to appear florescent. The user is able to visualize
every internal mechanism.
The outer casing of the pen consists of two housing components. It is fashioned in smooth plastic that
allows for a comfortable grip and accurate control of the instrument. The design of the pen is functional
and inexpensive.
The pen is transportable. A small metal clip on the top of the pen serves this purpose. The clip allows
the pen to be securely stored in a notebook or shirt pocket.
The pen has a sleek style. The ink cartridge does prevent the user from seeing through the pen. The
user can visualize every internal part.
The working mechanism of the pen is very basic. To use the writing instrument, the user must first pick
it up. Second, the user must depress the small gold button at the top of the clip. The user will next feel a
click, as the piece is fully depressed. Next, the user will hear a click when released. The small spring
located at the distal end of the pen facilitates this action. The ink cartridge will extend and permit its use.
This operation is reversed to retract the ink cartridge and stop writing.
There are two housing components joined together by unidirectional threads. This will allow the user to
open and close the pen housing. A small gold ring is located between the two housing components to
facilitate a secure fit between the parts.
The pen is an advertising tool. A company may print their name on the pen housing. The pen may be
given away to a customer as a reminder of the company. This will assist in brand loyalty. This is an
excellent means of promotion because of the low cost of the pen. This can give the customer the
opportunity to see the company name on many occasions throughout its usage.
The pen performs in multiple situations throughout the day. The will write a check at the grocery store.
It will also endorse the back of a payroll check. It will open a can of soda. A very non-traditional
application is to use the longer housing component to provide for a patent airway following an emergency
The Bic Click pen provides functionality and versatility. Every user will appreciate the performance of
this writing instrument. This pen will last for a long time. The pen carries only sentimental value to the
user and is easily disposable.