The betrayal of the Spartans at Thermopylae somehow lessens the glory gained in their vain struggle.


CLA 1010

Looking back at the many triumphs and downfalls of the Greek States and Persians during the Persian Wars, one can see that each battle had its own specific glory that it gained for each city whether it was loosing or winning the battle at hand. The Persian Wars where the wars fought between the Greek States of Athens and Sparta along side the Peloponnesian League with Persia over a period of about 20 years. These wars began, as many wars do, because of a struggle of powers between the two subsiding states. One of the battles was the Battle at Marathon which was won by the Athenians almost all alone, this battle obviously proved glory for Athens that went down in history as a battle won against the Persians. However, the battle at question is the Battle at Thermopylae where the Greek States lost, because of a Greek turncoat that helped the Persians, but through their agony and lost battle they were viewed through history as being victorious. I think this proves that no matter what the outcome of war may be, the defeated should not be considered any less honorable and glorious then that of the victors.

Going into war one always wants and prays to be a winner and declare themselves victorious, of course no one ever wants to loose a fight. However being in that war, I would like to think that one will loose sense of the bigger victory and start to focus stronger on the little victory at hand. For example if a soldier is in a battle, I think that all he is really thinking about is making sure he can beat the one man that is attacking him, and one by one as those numbers narrow down, then and only then can he begin to think about the bigger victory, or loss for that matter. To make a long story short, to that one soldier every person he gets by without being killed is a glorious victory.

Every battle that the Spartans and Athenians went through during the Persian Wars each of them lost many people that they love and probably did a lot of things that they didn’t want to do. Having the courage to go and fight for something that you really believe in is a glory on its own. I think that if history was to change and through all of Sparta’s triumphs they end up loosing the Persian Wars and the Persian come out victorious because of the battle of Thermopylae, there glory in history wouldn’t viewed as being anything less then it is today with them being the winners in the end.

Reason being that the Spartans put up a fight against an army much bigger then they were and that alone should not be forgotten as being glorious.

The battle at Thermopylae should not lessen the great glory of the Spartans through the Persian Wars, because looking back through the history books one can see that at Thermopylae although the Persians did have a bigger army they most likely would have lost in that narrow passage, because the Spartans smaller in size, they were smarter in tricks and maneuvers. Therefore just because one person decides to betray his country for whatever reason, he should not ruin the glory gained by the rest. Every man in those battles went through great agony to get through that war. As the Spartans lost that battle, they put up a fight that no one, other then they, would have. This is why the Spartans victory over the Persians should not be considered any less of a victory because of one cowardly mans decision.