The Best of a Bad Situation

Jamie Hoard
English 1302.09
Maradee Kern
October 22, 1998
Essay #4

I live in an apartment, and I detest it for its disadvantages. I have friends who live in dorm rooms, and I have seen what it is like to live in a dorm. I would prefer it as a college student. If I had the choice of trading evenly with them, I would do it in a minute. I believe weighing the advantages and disadvantages of living in either, points to living in a dorm room. Especially since I am a college student. For comparison I simply visit a friend staying in a dorm for a while. I am not long there and I am envious of them.
Being close to campus is one major benefit that a dorm room can provide for a college student. Dorms are more often than not located in the heart of campus, which allows for them to be closer to campus most of the time. They are included in the design plan of the school grounds, and are intended to be convenient for the students. They are usually located in the dead center of campus to begin with, yet they can also be sometimes found near certain study buildings. This would create an advantage for a student in light of time and logistics.
I think it is safe to say that apartments are always outside of campus. They certainly cannot be within school property, even if they are owned be the school, because they are always additions to the school. Sometimes there is no telling how far away from campus they will be. This is an obvious disadvantage to a student who already has trouble with promptness, or simply isnít quite familiar with campus to begin with. It would take much extra time to simply learn the layout of campus. One would not be familiar with it if they spent they spent all their time away from it. As well as being off campus they are rarely even close to campus. The few that are close to campus will not be numerous, and probably wonít come cheap either. It would be more likely to find a low quality, overpriced apartment than anything due to supply and demand.
Another major concern to the college freshman is money. In order to make their university more appealing to incoming freshman, executives and authorities are going to make housing cheaper. In essence dorms are always going to be the cheaper option between a dorm and an apartment. The fee for a dorm room is simplified by being included in tuition. It is cheaper as well to house people in bulk. This would include public showers and bathrooms, which saves large amount of money on utility expenses.
A person attending college has simple needs, especially freshmen. An apartment is a lot more complicated than a dorm. Yes, the living conditions are much better, and the rooming is nice and spacious. What college student needs all of that though? What college student can afford these allowances? Apartments have individual bathrooms and separate living quarters. All of which is unnecessary. In the end one would be paying extra for utilities and extra space that is not needed.
A person attending college can be considered a social creature. Most of the time involvement is a good thing, and dorms can provide it. The resident of a dorm will always find his or herself involved, whether it be intramural sports or simply a study group. Dorm residents usually have much in common like their age, year, general interest of study, and back-round, just to name a few. If not, then one has a better reason to get to know people, and make friends.
Apartments are usually isolated and uninvolved in mainstream campus activities. Being so far away from campus isolates a student from his peers. Not many students attending the same college or college students at all will be living in the same apartment building. This means one will not have much in common with his neighbors.
When faced with a final decision concerning housing I feel that apartments are a last resort and should be avoided. I have already come to understand the advantages and disadvantages of apartment living. Dorm living is