The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Traingle, also called the Devil's Triangle, is the home of many unexplainable wreckages. It covers a vast area of land in the Atlantic Ocean. Although no borders are definite, most people agree on one specific area. To find that area, draw imaginary lines on a map starting at Melbourne, Florida, to Bermuda, to Puerto Rico, and back to Florida. Authors of books try to creat a mysteryby expanding those lines further out then that range and that is what causes the controversy over the exact lines for scientists and amateurs to judge by.
Many people and ships have been lost over the years in this triangle. Six ships were lost in the 1800s and forty more disappeared between 1900 and 1945. Three planes have vanished flying over the Bermuda Triangle before 1945. The worst tradgedy of all, over three hundred people have been lost total in this land plot.
There are many reasons for these disapearances. Other than some people's beliefs of supernatural beings in that area, more logical excuses have been put forth. Aside from the natural disasters of tornadoes, tidal waves over two hundred feet tall, waterspouts, fireballs, and ocean floor gas leaks, there is a strong current in the Gulf Stream. The sea bottom is made of limestone mountains with caves cutting through them all throughout the mountain chain. There is quick sand in the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean under the triangle, also. Some scientists are saying that the reasons for the disappearances are that a ship will first get knocked of course due to disaster. Then the current would pull them under the water surface. After they are under, the current would push them down to the floor of the ocean where the quick sand would take in the ship or else push it into a deep cave in the mountains. This presents a combination of almost all suggested theories about the disappearances. Planes can also be knocked off course when they change altitudes and the wind pressure changes speed and/or direction, enough to send the plane bouncing. Some scientists believe that there are "openings" in the air like a world of antimatter, or a black hole, while yet others believe the wrecks are due to magnetic forces.
The Bermuda Triangle is explained by the U.S. Coast Guard as a mythical geographical area. They believe that if all of the facts were known, they could determine for each wreckage whether it was caused by weather, human error, or mechanical failure. Newsweek had an edition in 1983 that stated there was a thought of a pyramid on the floor that released electromagnetic forces causing disintegration to eat up the ships, planes, and possibly even the people
Some people believe that there are survivors of tragic happenings in the Bermuda Triangle. They say they probably will not come forward for fear of ridicule. Whether people ever come forward or not, there will always be speculation about the mysteries found at the Bermuda Triangle.