The Beginning Of
│Rock în╣ Roll▓

Rock and Roll╣s main origin was R&B,a type of music popular in black audiences,which combined Blues,Gospel Music and Jazz.R&B began to gain a greater sized audience thanks to Alan Freed,who in the late 1940╣s and in 1951,attracted a young white audience with what he called │Rock în╣ Roll▓ which was previously used as a sexual term in the lyrics of songs
.Major record producers,observing the success of the R&B and Rock în╣ Roll songs,which were distributed on Race Records,issued covers,competing so called▓sanitized▓ versions of the same songs ,but recorded by white artist .
Covers-whatever their purpose brought many fresh,new,stylistic influences to Rock în╣ Roll and eased the transition for white audiences.This audience,still hesitant at accepting black music,madeBill Haley╣s▓Rock Around The Clock▓(1955)the first important breakthrough for white▓Rock în╣ Roll▓.
What appealed to the new audience,accustomed to the relatively bland old brand of popular music,was▓Rock în╣ Roll╣s▓ driving dance rhythms,and its direct adolescent level message,and its suggestion of the rebellion of the kids of the U.S. .
The second wave crashed in ,in the 1960╣s with the world famous band │The Beatles▓ who came from Liverpool,England.They rose quickly in the years of î63 & î64 as they totally dominated the record charts From î65 to î69 The Beatles set new trends in melodies ,lyrics ,etc.Rock and Roll had gone through a metamorphosis and became a new idiom :Rock.
Other British groups made their deybews in the 60╣s also ,such as the Rolling Stones,The Kinks and The Who.But one thing is for sure ,by the end of the 1960╣s the distinctions between Rock and Roll and rock were very clear.
Evan Patrick Period 6