The Beastie Boys journey began in 1981 when Mike Diamond and Adam Yauch decided to start a band, for the basic reason being that all their friends were getting involved with bands, so why shouldn't they? Together with Kate Scellenback and John Berry, they started playing all the major clubs, including the now infamous CBGB's and Max's, playing their own brand of hardcore punk rock to a small but faithful audience, "They were the same as they are now," recalled Scellenback the groups original drummer, "loud, obnoxious and ugly, a lot of fun for a serious hardcore punk band. Unlike other bands, just as awful as the Beastie Boys, who would actually believe they were good, the point to the Beastie Boys was to be terrible and to admit it." Later that year the group released their first record, the correctly title 7" EP, "Poly Wog Stew." Although the hardcore punk band played little relation to the rap that would make them famous, their attitude and approach was very much the same. It was with good humor that the band decided to break up.

When the group got back together in the early 1983, it was with Adam Horovit on guitar, and the new cast went into the studio to record a follow up to the EP. They ended up with "Cookie Puss" a Sony inspired by the creation of New York soft ice cream king, Tom Carvel. Basically a joke hip hop record the single was an important turning point for the group. The record was taken in not only by the downtown crowd but also got the attention of the black community. When the single went over seas British stations seemed to like the track so much the used part of it as the soundtrack to one of their commercials. To bad for the them they did not ask permission and the band was awarded a $40,000 settlement as a result. This allowed Yavah and Diamond to get an apartment in Chinatown between two sweatshops. Short on the basic comforts of home it provided the Beastie Boys to play as loud as they liked, as late as they wanted, as drunk as they were, Whenever they felt like it.

With the success of "Cookie Puss" the Beastlie Boys began to need more of rap and needed a D.J to Rick Robin a hefty NYU student who shared their same interest in rap as well as their hardcore background so they hired him.

Meanwhile robin had got the attention of Russel Simmons, one of the most successful managers of rap acts at the time and he brought Simmons down to see them. Although the Beastie Boys act wasn't very good the manager could see they had great potential under the right influence so he took them on.

In 1984 Def Jam Records was formed and the Beastie Boys were one of the first bands to sign with them. Now a threesome Mike D (Mike Diamond), King Ad-Rock (Adam Horovitz) and MCA (Adam Yauch) went into the studio and made "Rock Hard", one of the first combos of rap and heavy metal on record. Simmonms then sent them out to play at the black rap clubs thinking if they could get over there they could make it anywhere. The Beastie Boys learned quickly how to perform in front of a large audience and their show was better as a result. But nothing could prepare them for what would happen next.

Maddona, about to start her "Like a Virgin" tour picked the Beastie Boys to open her shows from coast to coast. Of course the majority of Madonna's loyal fans found the Beastie Boys show not as great as they expected but the band never gave up. As the tour went further the group began to take on the abuse that was given to them by the underage mobs.

The band got a better reception on the Raising Hell tour in the summer of 1985. Playing in large arenas to a mainly black audience with RUN-DMC and LL Cool J. Both these tours were very important to the growing of the band. They presented the group to a big audience who had never heard of them and this put the Beastie Boys