The Avenues of Singing

When I was young, I used to love to sing along with people like Lambchops and other cartoons.

One year these groups came out and I saw that I wanted to be a singer when I grow up and travel to many

lands. The two groups that inspired me are NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. I have seen how many people

liked them and they were known world wide. I started actually singing at a late age. At age 16 I got into

singing with church and started out pretty low like the church choir. The more advanced people went to the

microphone to lead the worship. It took me a while to get there, about 6 months. I finally made it and I no

longer have to be in the choir, I just get to go on the microphone. I just want to give a little thanks to them

two groups. There are many more groups that inspired me. Also when females say they like guys that

sing, you got to believe that I always say I sing. Not many guys sing so itís a little advantage that I do sing.

As a young teenage boy, I started to become noticed. I would like to start a group of my own one day and

become very famous. If you ever wanted to start to sing you should take some of these steps to go towards

it. Its pretty easy as long as you put you mind to it.

Singing Takes much talent and many hours of practice. You need to work on your vocal skills

ands develop it so you can become very good and successful. You will perform for many people so you

got to be read to have people hate you and people who really like you. Your always doing things and you

continue to make new things up to. If you think this is hard then this would not be the thing for you. This

job Is also very stressful also. You mood changes from how well your doing.

The requirement for this job is practice. If you continue to practice the better you will get. If you

donít practice who would want to hear you? Not I. You will have to find a signer that will sign your

record. A company that I know Tooth and Nail. They are a small known company that signs Christian

band. Death Row records is a rap record people who signs rappers. Also you will have to have skills. You

will be changing your voice a lot. If you keep you voice the same you will start to be less known.

Everybody likes people who knows how to change their voice.

Some things that will hinder you according to Sarah Siegend is shyness. If you have shyness how

can you perform in front of people. You will choke while you are up there. You wonít be able to do

anything with shyness. Also it is not good to have fear because people will see it and mess with you. They

will see the fear and use it against you. You canít have hate from other people or they will try to pull some

crap on you. They will try to injure you and kill you. NSYNC has many people that donít like them

because they are very successful and they are lucky not to get hurt.

What you need according to Jesse Siegend is courage. When you have courage you will have the

ability to conquer anything. You will be noticed more and scale top charts rapidly. You will need much

talents to do these things. You will need a good voice so you will be very noticeable. Everybody would

love to have a good singing voice. Everybody would envy you if you do. You will need people to go to

your concerts which brings in the money. They money helps you continue your career successfully.

The hours are very stressful says Sarah and Jesse Siegend from the Christian group Bolder. You

have to practice many hours before the concert and stay up late at night to practice. You get less hours of

sleep daily. You are very tired as the days go on.