The Asian Sex Trade

The Asian Sex Trade is one of the world’s most unexploded horrors. Back in 1997 the majority of girls going into the sex trade were mostly Thai, now they account for less then 2 percent. Agents (or better known to us as “pimps”) are now looking for girls from the neighboring countries. Seven out of ten families have sold at least one daughter. The amount of trafficking of children done is absolutely horrendous. It isn’t known exactly just how many children are a part of the trade, but it is estimated to be around 1 million between the ages of 12-17 years of age. When prices vary from $100-$1000 it is easy for almost anyone to buy a child prostitute. Agents will come to the village with orders to fill, Thai men and foreigners, mostly Europeans, they can order girls like pizza. If they want a girl with thin hips and big breasts, or even a virgin the agents will find her, they always deliver. Drugs isn’t uncommon in this trade either, it is usually used for rejuvenation to prepare the girls to handle up to 8-9 men a night. It is said that a quarter are regular users of speed, barbiturates and heroin. “After having my body ravaged by several customers in a row, I just get too tired to move my limbs. At times like this, a shot of heroin is needed. This enables me to handle five or six men in a single night. I can\'t help but take the drug in order to keep myself in working condition.” This is only one of the stories of one girl’s night and it gets much worse then just drugs.


- -Prostitute’s as young as seven.

- -The average age varies between 22 and 25, and the majority began their career between 16 and 20.

- -Legally, 13 is the age of sexual consent if he or she has parental consent. 18 is the minimum age without parental consent to work as a prostitute.

- -In July 1994 the government strengthened child prostitution laws by making clients of under-age sex workers subject to fines and jail terms.

- -A Prostitution Prevention and Suppression Bill introduced in 1996 expands the punishment arena to include procurers and brothel operators; under the latest law, a jail term of 2 to 20 years.

- -A fine of 200,000 to 400,000 Baht can be imposed on anyone caught having sex with prostitutes less than 15 years of age (the age of consent in Thailand). If the child is under 13, the sentence could be life imprisonment.

- -Parents or patrons who conspire with others to supply underage prostitutes face similar punishment.


- The demand for virginity produces a higher price.

- Prices vary from $100-$1000.

- Most girls work for themselves, while little work for an agent.

- Girls who work for an agent tend to make less, work more, and have poorer working conditions.


- Female street prostitutes are less involved in hard drug use than men (7% vs 50%) and have a lesser tendency to be high while working (10% vs. 60%)

- Introduced to drugs, which stimulate the central nervous system. Usually amphetamines and cocaine. As a result of developing narcotic dependencies, the girls are addicted, and then, they are forced to work to support their habits. The girls are paid on meager salaries, while the majority of the money goes is used to the brothel owners and the drug traders.

- Opium, Heroin and Marijuana are widely used in Thailand.

- The smuggling of vast quantities of heroin and amphetamines from Myanmar and Laos through Thailand has made this region, called the Golden Triangle, infamous. But it is the explosion in recruitment of young girls for the international sex industry that has put Mae Sai on the map.

The Asian Sex Trade isn’t only happening in Thailand, it is very popular all over the world. It is common in such places as Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Germany, India, Iran, Kenya, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru Senegal, and the list goes on. Although not illegal in all places, it is still morally wrong. Governments need to take action and prevent child prostitution from growing into a larger business than it already is. It also needs