The arts should be a part of school curriculum. It is essential to our children because it increases their ability to communicate and is a common method of communication for cultures worldwide. All over the news, people hear about how many school districts are attempting to eliminate the teaching of the arts from the schools. These include music, art, theater, and orchestral classes.
Many districts believe that an education can be provided by concentrating on the basic academic courses other than the arts. They are having a hard time realizing that the arts are a major part of basic education. We must not allow them to cut the arts from the curriculum. I have grown up taking all of the music and art classes that I was required to take. I think that they have helped me too. I learned how to accept music and I have realized that it can help me too.
The arts can be looked at as another language. It can be another way of dealing with problems other than words. The arts can relate very closely to everyday language. I believe that any spoken language helps to convey one's thoughts, but everyone thinks in a different way. For example, in order to speak to a non-English speaking person and clearly convey a message, both people need to know the basics of the same language. Associating this concept with the arts, it would be as difficult to communicate a concept of the arts with someone who is not educated in the arts. Another example would be that many foreigners sing American songs using their interpretation of our language.
The arts are a language of their own. People understand the English language because they are educated for many years about the grammar and usage of it. It is a part of the school curriculum. The same should go for the arts in the school curriculum. In order for anyone to understand the language of the arts thoroughly and relate to them, they need to be educated in it. The arts have become a part of everyday life of the average human being. Without a formal education, one may not be able to relate to it.
Of all the arts, I think that the musical arts are a major part of living and communication. You can find music everywhere. It is on the radio and the television. The majority of people listen or watch these everyday. Without the proper teaching of music in the schools, children will not understand the concept of music and will not relate it to life. With a further understanding of the arts, people can relate to foreigners also.
Within the arts, people express many emotions, speak many languages, send important messages to people and they may even tell stories. People can communicate with themselves through the arts as well. Anyone can sit at a desk and express themselves through a drawing or listening to a song. Words can't always accomplish what one musical composition or work of art can. The schools need to realize this and give the children a chance to appreciate what can be offered to them other than the original act of speaking to express their feelings.
This concept has to begin in the schools. Those school districts that have not included the arts in their curriculum need to begin to do so. Many states have the standards set in their school districts. It is one thing to change those standards, but to delete them is another. I feel that the children need the arts in their curriculum. It is essential for them to learn different ways to communicate their thoughts. On the days that I'm feeling depressed, I may sit in my room and listen to music. I try to understand the lyrics. Most of them convey a simple message about life that may have a tendency to help me out most of the time. Children need this in school. It may help them to become better people and well educated. With technology becoming more advanced, music may become easier to get access to. With this in mind, the school curriculum should include the arts as an essential need in the lives of the children of today. They are our