The article entitled “Lingenfelter Twin-Turbo Corvette”
claims that the Ligenfelter Twin-Turbo Corvette is the
fastest production car in the US today. This statement
appeals to the General Motors enthusiasts that have longed
for a Chevy that can go out and pick on the Dodge Vipers.
The reason they can make this incredible claim is that the
car is outfitted with a stage one engine kit designed and
produced by John Lingenfelter. With the knowledge of
Lingenfelters drag racing background, and his co-op work on
special edition cars for General Motors you don’t have to
worry about any malfunctions or him going out of business.
If that isn’t enough they have the road tests to prove that
it can blow the doors off of the Viper.
John Lingenfelter started with a naturally aspirated
Chevy 383 with 345 h.p.(horse power). Next he added twin
Garett T28 turbochargers, twin intercoolers, and a freeflow
exhaust to bump the h.p. up to 500. With all that extra
power and speed you also need better brakes to stop you
with. So he added Baer six-piston calipers and a tire and
wheel package so the rubber sticks to the ground. With all
these extra goodies the it is no wonder John Lingenfelter
claims this is the fastest production car in the US.
All this sounds good on paper but we want facts, so
they gave them to us. In the road test results the stock
Corvette had a rating of 345 h.p. while in a distant second
the Viper had 450 h.p., the winner was the Lingenfelter
Corvette with 500 h.p. In the quarter mile the winner is
again the Corvette with a time of 11.8 seconds and 127mph,
it beat the Vipers time of 12.2 seconds and 118 mph. And
for the finishing touch the Vipers topspeed was 186 mph
while the Corvette again dominated with 202 mph. With this
information how could any true General Motors enthusiast not
want one.
Now your thinking that this sounds like one awesome car
but who is this John Lingenfelter character and how do I
know that I can trust him to be a reputable source for parts
and aftermarket accessories. John Lingenfelter has a past
longer than traffic lines waiting to get into school at
noon. He started as a young lad, by taking a convertible
Camaro to the Super Stock Eliminator Bracket(drag racing)
and has since one over 13 national event trophies. He has
mad after market parts for anything from Camaros, to
Corvettes, to his personal Chevy S10 Xtreme Pro Truck
Dragster. And with his long history of co-operative
projects with General Motors why wouldn’t you trust him.
When you add up a 500 h.p. Corvette, John Lingenfelter,
and test results that blows away the competition you get the
Lingenfelter Twin-Turbo Corvette. This is a car that I’m
sure will go down in the books as being a great
accomplishment by Lingenfelter, as well as proof that there
is hope for a Corvette super car.