The Andromeda Strain

News Paper Article

This Just in! BIOTECHNOLOGY and the effects on the human anatomy. How it works and what it is. What is it you may ask? Biotechnology in humans is the science by which scientists change or manage biological systems. Biotechnology in humans helps us to better understand the anatomy and apply learning’s to human medicine. Scientists do lab researches to understand the culture better. They do this by working with micro organisms and cells that they grow in a controlled environment. When the lab/research is finished, the scientist will have learned something about the cell’s culture and will no if it’s different than normal. When scientists’ do these labs, they take the information and make antibiotics.

What are antibiotics? Antibiotics are chemical substances that get produced by micro organisms and cells. They are very very small substances. The cells and micro- organisms find bacteria and get rid of it from the human body. Antibiotics can kill off many kinds of bacteria, these may be fungi, and viruses and some may be found in animal protozoa too.

The word Anti-biotics comes from a Greek word. Anti means against. And bios means life. Together, Against Life.

What does this have to do with the book the andromeda strain? The thing is, the book is about biotechnology and awkward diseases that are so unknown it almost seems like they are from outer space or from an unknown world. By applying information on antibiotics it helps to better understand the problem. The disease in the book appears to be unknown. They have no idea what the cause and effect may be. The outcome in unknown so they are faced with challenges...many many challenges. Even though they are faced with challenges. They find ways to work around them and solve them to the best of their ability...that have a mission; the mission is called “SCOOP”

BIOTECHNOLOGY and HUMANS. Just a weird coincidence? Or maybe we have discovered something of the future? Alien life forms and new species on our earth? Or maybe we have found a new disease that kills people like AIDS or HIV. Are we going to stop it? The future is unpredictable, it always has been and it will always be. We know nothing about futuristic events and whether or not life forms will and can exist on our earth. It would take many years of experiments and research to answer these questions.