The American Revolution
There were many reasons to start the revolution against the British. One of the main reasons was the tax that was placed on the many every day items such as sugar, tea, glass, almanacs, paper, and pamphlets. This tax lead to many different situations such as riots and other things like tar and feathering. These thing and many more would lead to The Boston Tea Party. This was an act to get the tax on tea lifted. The cry was "No Taxation without Repersentation." The Boston Tea Party took place when a bunch of concerned men dressed up like Indians went on a waiting British boat full of tea and used their tomahawks to break through the cartons and dumped 15,000 pounds of tea into the sea. The Boston Tea Party and a couple of other events would lead to the Revolutionary War. This war would be the longest war in the history of the United States and the world. The war would last a very hard long and grueling 8 years. This war would win us are INDEPENDENCE!


The Americans had faced a lot of problems while fighting for their Independence. One of the many problems facing America was the population of the British army against the American army. Their army was probably three times the size of the Americans. Their army was also clean, had new uniforms and was well organized and disciplined as an army. The Americans never had any of those features; they never even had the same type of guns. Our army was made up of men who were farmers, blacksmiths, artisans, and many other jobs that have no relation to fighting in a war.

We had many problems including lack of supplies. We did not have much food, guns, bullets, gunpowder, cannons, clothes, and some other basic objects. During the war, when we had little supplies to survive we would either steal items and guns from the dead or when we would win a battle we would take all the possessions of the army we beat. We would take guns, swords and other necessary supplies to get by. During the cold winter months, we would have very little in the way of warm clothes and firewood to keep us warm, so some men used sheets of plastic and covered themselves up with it to keep warm.

A big problem we had during the war was having and defeating navies. When we started the war we had no navy and we also had no men skilled enough to form and run an efficient navy anyway. During the war we built many battleships. We had to build most of them in a very short time. While we built our ships from scratch, the British just sent their ships over to destroy us. We had only half the number of ships in our fleet compared to that of the British fleet. The number of cannons that the British had on some of their ships totaled more cannons than we had in our entire navy. Our navy really only had one good sailor. His name was John Paul Jones. He took out a British ship with a cargo ship loaded with cannons. He was one of the greatest sailors that ever sailed for us in our Independence. Our navy did discover during the war one of the greatest inventions of that time. The invention was a submarine called "The Sea Turtle." This invention could have ended the war for us, as we know it. This invention was made as a one-man vessel. It would go down in the water and then our men would screw holes into the British ships and they would then attach explosives to the boats so the boat would blow up. The major disappointment to this invention is that the battleships that the British were making were lined with a metal, which would prevent the screw from piercing the boat.

One of the worst problems facing the Americans was the lack of food. We would usually get about a bowl of water soup every day. Some soldiers would take their hair powder and put it in their soup to make it thicker. The soldiers would also