The American Pit Bull Terrier was a dog that was created back in the 1700’s. Some experts of
dog breeds say that there is some belief that the pit bull was used by the Romans, in the sport of
bullbaiting. These dogs were breed to have large bones and tremendous jaw strength. To insure
their ferocity the animals were not feed on a regular basis. In the early 1800’s people were going
through rough times and they could no longer afford the bulls for the ancient sport. In 1835 the
sport was offically banned after its popularity had declined. Those men who took part in
bullbaiting , now were busy trying to develop a new sport. They wanted to develop one that was
not as costly as bullbaiting . Since there were plenty of dogs left over from bullbaiting, they
developed dog fighting. All the dogs that were left over were huge, ferocious dogs, but none
were agile enough to make this sport exciting.
During the same time in the 1800’s the lower class had to develop a dog for survival.
They developed the terrier, which is a small, agile, quick little dogs. The terrier was small in
size but was deep-chested and powerful enough to dig rats right out of burrows. The poor mans
game was called “ratting”, rats were caught and placed in cages. A pit was dug and bets were
placed, the rats and terriers were released into the pits. The dog catching and killing the most
rats was declared the winner. Several types of terriers were developed but the ones that
contributed to the history of the pit bull will be discussed. The English White Terrier , which
became extinct in the early 1900’s. The Manchester terrier and the Fox Terrier which was
capable of catching and killing the larger contender for the farmers’ food.
No one knows for sure whose idea it was to mix the Bull-dog and the terriers. It was
quite successful because their populatity quickly rose among people who wanted to own a
compact size dog that was easier to
handle, ate less and had strength and quickness. Soon every pub and inn had a room, depending
on the size of the establishment for the dogs. These rooms became known as pits and the
winning dog as “Pit Dogs.”
The Bull-and-Terier from Staffordshire ahd gained a reputation for their gameness
(ability to withstand pain and continue to fight) and performance. This dog became known as
the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, but not until 1935 was this the offical name.
Before the Civil War, the English dogs were brought to America by merchants, sailors,
and traders that helped dog fighting flourish in the port towns. The English and American Bull
and Terriers were cross-bred and refined by the efforts of the sporting men who take pride in
doing so.
The American Pit Bull Terrier is considered to be the most versatile dog ever created.
The controversial point of this issue is that the pit bull might be
banned because of its bad reputation. The pit bull is portrayed as a dog
that goes around attacking people and locking their jaws on peoples arms
and ripping them to pieces. People who fight dogs tend to inbreed their
dogs if they find a superior bloodline. If the dogs are inbreed too much
they tend to crazy dogs, that might turn on anyone. These are probably
the dogs that attack people on the streets. As stated by breeder Louie “ I
know people that have left dogs on the street if they lose a fight. They
don’t want to deal with having a cur( an inferior dog with no game).” If
people leave dogs that are trained to fight on the street then they start to
attack people. This happens not because its not the pit bulls nature , but
because it was trained to attack not to be a friendly dog.