The American Dream

The American Dream as you probably know is different for everyone. It usually consists of extreme things such as,becoming a multi billionaire before I turn 18. Ive heard a lot of things like that over the past couple years, but I dont take it seriously and neither do the people that say them. The American Dream is it just a Dream or can some people live up to what they say?

My personal Dream is to be a successful pilot, and to someday own my own private airline. Thereís a lot of things that also ponder in my mind, such as owning a big house on the water, and having a log cabin in the mountains. Iíd also love to have a great family ,and have plenty of money to support them. The way I see it is a perfect life with nothing to worry about, and nothing for my kids to worry about. Iíve always loved thinking about what it could be like, But never do I think about how or what I could do to accomplish it.

I think about it a lot more now, if I want to do something about m Dream it has to start now. Iím beginning to take pilot lessons next year and to soon after that , start saving to buy my own plane. I donít know quite yet were I plan to make that kind of money, but I have my heart set on Boeing. As for my house and log cabin, ill have to plan for that later. I really want my Dream to come true and I hope it does, Iíll have to make a lot of sacrifices for it though. Like studying more and participating in more school relative activities. I need to work hard now so I can get into a good college, that alone would be a huge step in my future.

A dream is still a dream until you actual accomplished it, the sad part is we wont know what our outcomes will be. Some may make it and the others wont, its all a big game out there, everyoneís trying to be the best and to live there Dream.