The American Dream. Smith talks about the resources that are
available in America, and how they can make you rich. Franklin
gives us a lesson on morals, and how to go about becoming
wealthy, and stay that way. Mather tells us about a man whose
patience and honesty paid off in the end. In "A Description
of New England" by Smith, Smith boasts about the over
abundance of fish. "He is a very bad fisher [that] cannot
kill in one day, with his hook and line, one, two, or three
hundred cods," (108) Smith tells us how you can become rich
just by catching fish and selling them. You could also easily
feed your family by just fishing one hour a week. Smith boasts
that there is plenty of game to be hunted, and/or hawked. There
is also lots of affordable land to be got, so you can plant
crops, and any man who is a master of a trade will become rich!!
In Franklin's "The Way to Wealth," He gives us a lesson
on disciplines. Franklin warns us about idleness and sloth.
"Sloth, like Rust, consumes faster than Labour wears,"
(438) Laziness and wasting time taxes us worse than any other tax
laid upon us. "Laziness travels so slowly, that Poverty soon
overtakes him." (438) We are not to be too proud, and we
must work hard and manage our money and our time well. Mather
gives us a different point of view in "The Rise To
Wealth." Not only is this a story about a rise to wealth,
but it is also a rise to fame. A treasure was found, and add that
to the virtues of honesty and patience of Phips, and he got his
just reward. It looks like being diligent, honest, patient,
mature, handy with hook & line, and probably a good shot,
will make you healthy, wealthy and wise in America.