The Affect of Politics

When living in the United States, almost everyone in some way is affected by politics. Whether itís a parent paying taxes, to a teenager attending a public school. It almost seems unavoidable no matter what type of background one has. Iím sure there are some cases in which they are people are totally undetectable to the government such as illegal immigrants but other than that most of us have in some way come into contact with the government. Being a 21-year-old student attending a public university I always find myself coming into contact with politics. One does not have to be an active voter or even give a damn about politics to be affected. It just happens. Some instances of my life are prime examples and Iím only 21.

My life started abroad, to be more specific, India. I lived there till about the age of seven. After moving to the United States, my first state of residence was New Jersey. After that my family moved to Omaha, NE. Me being only in 2nd grade at the time and still very new to the country didnít remember much of my early childhood in NJ. So we moved to the heart of the county then after about 4-5 yrs we moved again. This time to the motor city of the country, Detroit, MI. Most of my memorable adolescent life was spend there. I lived there for 5yrs and made a few lasting friends. However moving around didnít end there. After MI, we moved to the lone star state, TX. I attended 11th, and 12th grade of high school in The Woodlands, TX which is a suburb of Houston. However moving around seems to be a continuing and never-ending tail of my life. Recently after attending University of Houston, my family moved up to Racine, WI. However I wasnít as effected from the move as were my parents or my brother. The reason for this being is that I got an apartment in Houston and continued to pursue my college education at the University of Houston. So occasionally during the many school breaks I would visit my parents at home in Racine, WI. That was and is my life. I went to 2 different high schools, Athens High School in Troy, MI, and The Woodlands High School in The Woodlands High School. Since I moved to TX the last two years of high school, I didnít have to many prominent friends. I perhaps have a handful of friends that I still keep in touch with throughout the years. So when applying and attending the University of Houston, friends was never a factor in joining the University. At first my reasoning for attending the university was the convenience factor. Since it was 50min drive, it seemed very practical to attend for the first couple of years. My initial plan was to attend and then perhaps transfer to an outer-state school or another school in TX. However as the years went by, I realized that not only was the University of Houston financially sensible but also transfer anywhere else would cost me an arm and leg. An advantage of sticking with one university is that I now have contacts, frame of reference and friends that would assist me, when I would need them. Now to most people this may not be the best reason to stay, but after one has moved as much as I have and changed schools as much as I have, then they would understand. My parents both thought it was a necessary and good idea to stay on campus. Even though home may not be that far away, dealing with traffic, gas, time, effort were all factors that said commuting was a bad idea. After my family had moved up to WI. I decided to get an apartment with a friend I made on campus. After attending University of Houston, the big question came up. What on earth do I want to do? Coming from a strong business oriented family, that decision wasnít that hard. I decided the Finance was the path I wanted to follow. With that in mind, all my classes, jobs, networks, organizations were