The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer
By: Mark Twain
Afterword Copyright 1981

This story is about a young mischievious boy named Tom Sawyer.

Tom lives with his aunt Polly and his little brother Sid on his aunt's farm.

He lives with his aunt Polly because his mother died, and she was the only

person to take him, and his brother in. Tom's aunt Polly always trys to make

him do work, and help around the house. But Tom always trys to get out of

doing it.

Major characters

Tom Sawyer: Tom is a kind of person that never wants to do work, and

always wants to go out, and have adventures.

Aunt Polly: Aunt Polly is a person who always trys to be hard on somebody

but when she trys her conscience hurts her that she feel sorry for the person.

She is very sympathetic.
Huckleberry Finn: Huck is a young reckless boy without a family or a home.

Beckey Thatcher: Tom's "love" Becky is a smart girl that never wants to get

in trouble, and saves Tom at the end.

This story takes place during the 1800's in the village of "St.

Petersburg" where Tom lives with his aunt. Later on when Tom goes with the

Pirate crew the story goes to Jackson's Island. But most of the story occurs in

the village.

In the story Tom had to whitewash his aunt's fence which he did not

want to do. Later on Tom's friend Jim came along he had to get a pail of

water from the town pump so Tom said that he would get the water if Jim

would whitewash some. Jim said no so Tom was stuck with whitewashing

until Ben Rogers came eating a apple, and said "Hello, old chap, you got to

work, hey?" Tom told him that it wasn't work it was fun. Then Ben stoped

eating his apple, and said "Say, Tom let me whitewash a little" Tom told him

no because his aunt wanted this fence to be whitewashed carefuly. Then Ben

said that he would be careful, and that he would give Tom the core of his

apple. Then Tom said he could whitewash a little. By the time Ben was tired

Tom had traded the next chance to Billy Fisher for a kite. And for hours kids

traded things like a dead rat with a string to swing it from, a kitten with only

one eye, a brass doorknob, and many other things for a chance to whitewash

the fence. By the end of the day the fence had three coats of whitewash on it,

and his job of whitewashing his aunt's fence was done.

The lesson I learned from this story is that even though you can be a

pain or when you think nobody loves you like Tom thought when he left with

the pirats somebody does, and you should always remember that.

If I could continue the story I would have Tom, and Huck in a old

shack with the other boys of Tom's gang at midnight planing to sneak on the

steamboat Big Missouri in the morning. So early in the morning Tom, Huck,

and Tom's gang got on the steamboat, and then Pirates came on board, and

took over the steamboat then robbed, and killed everyboby on board but

Huck got away with his life, and told everybody about the steamboat but

nobody belived him.

In the story I would change the part about Tom finding Huck so that

nobody finds Huck, and Huck would be free. Then he would never go back

to being a rich boy, and grow up to be a robber.

New words

Old Scratch: Another word for the Devil.

Sentence: In the story Tom's aunt Polly thinks Tom is full of the Old Scratch.

Caitiff: Cowardly or wretched.

Sentence: In the Wizard Of Oz the lion was Caitiff.

Sitz baths: Baths taken in a sitting position, belived, liked the plunges or
immersions, in water to have curative powers.
Sentence: When Tom was sick his aunt gave him a Sitz bath.

Rip: Worthless or dissolute person or thing.

Sentence: In the story Tom saw Injun Joe as a drunk old Rip.

Dore Bible: An expensively produced Bible, with illustrations by the French

artist Paul Gustave Dore.

Sentence: If you have bougth the Dore Bible you would have seen great


On a scale of 1 to 10 I gave this book a 9 because