The 1970ís
The 1970ís were a time of great change in America. Women were speaking out for their rights. The war in Vietnam was raging. Presidents were being impeached. African Americans were speaking out against oppression. It seemed lie everyone was protesting everything. There were many changes happening both good and bad. Many of the things people did in the 60ís carried over to the 70ís. Protests drugs and violence were very big very real things.

First the parents of the 70ís were criticized about how they raised the kids and new ways of parenting started to be developed. Kids were left alone and many were in therapy. Also women rights were just starting to blossom and many sexist business and clubs were changed to accommodate the women of the 70ís. No longer were they just supposed to take a back seat to men.

Another major event of the 70ís was the war in Vietnam. Many young men died during the war. If they were not dead however, they were crazy from the pain and agony of war. Many young men from America were shipped out as soon as they turned 18 and there was not one thing they could do but go. It was a terrible war and many people for got about it.

Finally, President Richard M. Nixon (ďTricky DickĒ) was impeached for the Watergate scandal. The Watergate scandal was an event was people on the committee to re-elect the president went into democratic head quarters and tampered with election items. This resulted in the president being impeached but he later resigned to lessen the embarrassment.

In conclusion the 70ís was a time of great change in America. Many things happened and some were great and some were bad. But America would not be what it is today without the defining time of the 1970ís.

America Bilingual?

The question that many people are trying to answer is should America the land of opportunity be an official Bilingual Language Country. Some say yes and others say no there is no real clear way or answer but here are some things that may help your decision.

First the reasons why America should be a bilingual country are simple. 1) If America were a bilingual country more people would be able to get jobs and buy homes and other items. 2) Being a bilingual country would make people closer and the country unite even more than now. 3) People would be able to come from other countries and communicate with Americans. Finally more people would come to America and not be held back by the language barrier.

Next here are the reasons why America should not be a bilingual country. 1) More people will come to America to try and find opportunity and take jobs from Americans who were here first. 2) People will need to learn a new language witch will be hard and time consuming. 3) Lots of things will need to be changed to accommodate the new language. Finally many American will refuse this idea and it will not work properly.

I believe that America should become a bilingual country because most of the countries in the world are bilingual. Then America would look like it is more united and other countries wont think that Americans think that they are the best. Also more people will be able to get jobs and purchase items and the economy of the country will be greatly improved. It also is a way to bring Americans to gather and sew all the links that make this country great together and form an unbreakable chain of brother hood that will keep this county going for Centuries to come.