Television and newspapers gives us all the news and entertainment we could practically

need in a day. We all stopped what we were doing when we heard that O.J. Simpson was the key

suspect in his wife's murder case. We grabbed the newspaper and turned on the television to find

out information that reporters desperately searched for to keep us informed because that's what

the world was excited to hear or read. This relates to two films I have watched which are both

about the media hoopla on a good story. The classic sophisticated screwball comedy, His Girl

Friday, was about a murder which split a city on their decision whether or not to hang the man

for his crime. All through this the media is going crazy for the story which only the best reporter

Hildy Johnson, played by Rosalind Russell, can dig up due to her sly tactics and her ex-husband

Walter Burns, played by Cary Grant, who uses his clever tricks to keep her from quitting and

getting married to Bruce Baldwin, played by Ralph Bellamy. Also in the recent release To Die For

which is pretty much the same genre. This stars Nicole Kidman as Suzanne Stone Moretto.

Suzanne is a weather girl desperate for stardom. She devotes herself to her work forgetting about

her devoted husband, played by Matt Dillon. Her husband decides to not let her move to

California to start her career in television so she sexually persuades some not so bright teenagers

into murdering her husband. The reporters jumped on this story and created a crazed media event.

The following will compare and contrast the script and subject matter, camera images and

technical areas, and acting styles.

The scripts of both of these movies have their similarities and there differences. To Die

For is based on a novel written by Joyce Maynard. His Girl Friday is a screen play written,

directed, and produced by Howard Hawks.A similarity would be the media hype over a murder.

In His Girl Friday, a man who lost his job after working there for fourteen years kills a cop trying

to arrest him. He is going to be hanged at seven o'clock the next morning. In To Die For, a

reporter is being persecuted for the murder of her husband. In both flicks the media is on the story

like a dog on a bone. Another similarity would be about the killers. They both didn't really want

to kill their victim, but they were scared and under pressure. In To Die For, Jimmy, played by

Joaquin Phoenix, killed Suzanne's husband due to sexual persuasion and her lies of abuse. Jimmy

was just scared she would not love him anymore if he didn't kill her supposed evil husband. In His

Girl Friday, the killer was just scared the police officer was going to hurt him. Another example

would be the long dialogue of a actor or actress. In each movie, they spoke for long periods

uninterrupted. The scripts were also similar due to the lead role in each movie was given to a

female, Rosalind Russell and Nicole Kidman in their respective movies. Some differences are the

easy noticeable classifactions on each; one being a screwball comedy and the other is a suspense

drama. Another script difference is the reporter's traits. In His Girl Friday, Hildy Johnson is a

witty, smart, and an excited for work reporter. In To Die For, Suzanne Stone is tricky, clueless,

and obsessed with her work reporter. Another difference is how the script is presented. His Girl

Friday never leaves a certain area of the city. It's a day in a frantic newspaper room. To Die For is

presented as a talk show interview. It makes you feel like you are watching Hard Copy on

television. One last major difference is the endings. One is the good old happy ending type and the

other is a strangely satisfied. This won't specify which is which so it may not ruin it if the viewers

haven't seen these movies.

The camera images and technical areas in both of these films was outstanding. The 1940

film was more impressive due to it being ahead of its time with its off camera dialogue, 3/4ths

shots, and over the shoulder shots. His