Teenage Issue Speech Essay

Year 11

ESL Assignment: Teenage issue speech

Hey whatís up people, howís it hanging? Hey man, wanna try some of this? Itís the fresh, common. Have you ever felt this way, where your peers and people are constantly asking you to try thingís what they call is cool like drugs. Well itís not, as a matter of fact drug today are highly consumed by teenagers, and for the past years these population has risen greatly with results of many teenage deaths or even locked up.

For those out there who arenít aware of what drugs are, and how they are functioned, Iíll clear it up for you. Well, firstly there are two type of drugs, they are; the medicinal drugs which are drugs consumed for ill people and are legally taken with proof of a prescription from your GP ( Your family Doctor), on the other hand there are the recreational drugs, drugs that are illegal and consume for those who attempt to wreak their lives in return for only a few minutes of pleasure. So, a few minutes of fun can probably turn out to be a life of misery and regret. Putting aside the medicinal drugs, today Iím going to talk to you about recreational drugs, of why people take them and the many mystic paths it leads to.

Why do people consume drugs? Well, between the lengthy periods of when we first become a teenage till our adult ages, during that time in between it is the intense moment of having to be influenced into taking drugs. Not only is drugs introduced through peer pressure or the youth trend, but can be weighted by many other approached. Especially since youth years are years of stiff study, teenagers are generally struck with excessive stress, and this is where drugs come into play. Teenagers come to assume or believe that drugs are the problem solvers of todayís world, as a cycle of drug come rushing to the head acting like a plague of happiness having to free the mind from any complications. Stress would be one of them, but there are still others method of contact with drugs like; peer group pressure, enjoyment of drug effects of just for the fun of it, thinking that it would help you escape from emotional difficulties, curiosity, boredom, and sometimes inherited from parents and family members.

Why do people like to take drugs? Mainly people take drugs for the pleasure it offers. This is actually true, because once the drugs are consumed into the body system the drugs acts directly on the limbic system in the brain, which is commonly called as the Ďpleasure centreí. For this drug use purpose, it is considered as recreational use. Once I went to this party with a couple of my friends. At first before entering the entrance, I was excited and eager to have fun, but once I entered all I could think about was to go home. I didnít feel comfortable around people who smoked and illegally drinking. Basically everyone was underage, and having to judge most of them, they were only consuming it to ĎLook Coolí and being try-hards as if they were like grown ups. What people donít see it that once they take any drug, they are likely to be hooked into it and taken to further serious matter like drug addiction and tolerance, where you are consuming a larger amount then before.

How do drugs have an affect on our life? Basically drugs will definitely affect your life, however does it affect your life but also affecting your family in some ways. Some ways in which drugs affect you is health, having difficulties in financial arrangement, dropping out from school, rejection or relationship problems, and most the disrespect you offer to your familyís name. Drugs have the worse health effects, ranging from minor issues to fatal disease like AIDs and Hepatitis C. Of course, the effects are depended on the drugs, it health may also be effect by how much is consumed. Overall all drugs had bad effects. Believe me kids; there is nothing humorous over someone taking drugs when living a life of misery and a curse clouding them.

What are the wider affects of taking drugs? Well, there is