Teen Suicide

Dicky Stout
C.P.W- 3

Teenagers face many problems every day in life. Some of them have family problems, like being abused. Others have a problem living up to everybodyís expectations of them. Problems like these make teens feel that the only way they can solve their problems is by committing suicide. Almost every problem can in some way be solved. If the problem canít be solved there is still no reason great enough to commit suicide. Suicide has taken out a lot of teenagers in the world today. This suicide chain has got to stop. One teenager sees another commit suicide and thinks,ĒWell my life is worse than theirs was, so why shouldnít I kill myself.Ē Teen suicide is not good due to the fact that by killing themselves they are not only hurting themselves but also the ones that love them.

Some kids think that by killing themselves they will solve all problems, but most know this to be untrue due to the fact that they create more problems for the people who love them. Family problems play a big part in a lot of teen suicides. Some kids are physically abused by their parents. This makes them feel as if know body loves them and there is no reason to live. Mental abuse may cause the same problem of not feeling loved. Another family problem that may make a child feel like committing suicide is death in the family. Teenagers sometimes donít know how to handle the depression of losing a loved one. They feel empty inside and fall toward killing themselves. If these kids could only realize that they would put their family in depression as they were, then maybe they would think twice about it. Teen suicide has to be stopped.

Another problem that caused teens to commit suicide is the pressure of trying to live up to other peopleís expectations. They feel as if they will never be as good as they should be. There have actually been students who have committed suicide simply because of their grades in school. Grades are a very important asset to life, but not important enough to die for. Teen suicide is rising and rising. More teens find the solution to their problems in suicide. Suicide does not cure any problems. It only creates more and worse problems in life. The suicide rate for the last forty years has tripled. This nonsense has got to stop somewhere.

Self-image also plays a big part in teen suicide. Kids especially girls, grow up seeing all of these supermodels and think that it is the way they should look. They worry about how skinny they are. Girls no matter how skinny they are always think they need to go on a diet. Image is becoming too important to teenagers today. They even have to have all brand name clothes. There is no way they can just go to K-mart to buy a pair of jeans. Instead of going to K-mart they go spend eighty dollars on the jeans. All of this craziness is to portray an image. Some families canít afford these expensive clothes and fancy shoes. This can make a child feel like they are looked down on and not as good as the others. After a while this all builds up and the child goes crazy and commits suicide.

A teenager commits suicide every ninety minutes in the world today. That is about five thousand a year. Trouble with the law may also cause a teen to commit suicide. They could be so frightened of going to jail that they would give up their life. Someone could also have done something so wrong and feel so awful, that they donít want to live. Male homosexuality may also cause a teenager to commit suicide. They feel so much different from everyone else and know that they canít change it. Another factor to teen suicide is rape. After getting raped a teen may feel awkward, disgusting, and violated, which could cause depression. Depression is the number one factor in teen suicide.

Suicide can also be caused from an abnormality. A teenager with an abnormality or deformity is always looked at and noticed. They canít just live a normal life like the