Teen smoking

Negative effects of Marijuana

Marijuana is the least harmful drug, but it does have negative health

Though moderate users of marijuana are taking less risks than a moderate
tobacco smoker

or alcohol consumer. Negative effects of marijuana include confusion, acute

reactions, anxiety attacks, paranoia, a sense of helplessness, and loss of
self control.

Chronic marijuana users might develop an amotivational syndrome, which the

motivation decreases making them lazy. People with psychiatric disorders are
at a higher

risk for adverse psychiatric effects when using marijuana, but marijuana
itself does not

cause psychiatric effects. When a person is under the influence of marijuana,
they tend to

perform poorly in auditory functions. Heavy users of marijuana can continue
to have

defects in cognitive effects to up to one day of abstinence. Moderate useres
of marijuana

have little or no cognitive defects after the high wears off. While a person
is under the

influence of marijuana, they have reduced psychomotor performance. THC
increases and

decreases different types of immune system cells, but after alot of research
there is no

proof that it either weakens or strengthens the immune system. Marijuana can
distrub the

cell function of the body therefore people with weak immune systems should

marijuana. Smoking marijuana increases the users risk of respiratory illness,
though if you

have been smoking marijuana for more than 10 years your not at a great risk,
but if the

user has been smoking for less than 10 years they are at great risk.

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