Everyday, all around us, we use technology. We have
automobiles,computers, nuclear power, spacecraft, even the smallest
thing such as a microwave is modern technology.

How We use Computers

Computer technology came into major use in the world in the
later half of the 1970's. This new unknown technology was welcomes by
almost everyone. Computers have made peoples' lives better and have
given people more leisure time because they could get more done in the
same amount of time. Computers have designed and ran many types of
dangerous machinery, therefore letting people live longer lives.
Computers have gone up in space and down to the bottom of the ocean. Through these computers we could study types of fish, what it is like on the bottom of the ocean. We have found out in space that water was found on Mars. We have also sent men up in space and have obtained lots of information. We use computer information everyday in the weather. Weather people send up air balloons to recorded valuable information letting
understand the way the world works. We use this information to protect us from disasters such as finding out which way a tornado is
heading so we can evacuate people in its path or for simple things like if it will be suppy or cloudy tommorow. We use computers in
airplanes so we can get to the correct destination in a short amount of
time. We use computers on huge ocean liners so we can transport
merchandise in bulk from one place to another.

At home, we use computers to type. The most recent development
for homes is the internet. The internet allows us to obtain huge
amounts of information in a small amount of time. It also allows us to
talk to our friends using e-mail. We can talk to anyone in the world
with internet using e-mail and it only takes the press of a button to
get there.

The Past and the Future

Over the past 20 years, computers have gone from a scientific
experiment to a world wide necessity. We will always need computers
more and more. Computers have become apart of our society so much that
we could not survive without them. Today we can do almost anything with
computers and in the future they will run our lives.

In 500 years I could see people's lives getting easier and
easier up to the point where there is no need for a work force because
computers will do all jobs. Computers will become so advanced that
humans eventually will not be able to control them.


In conclusion I think that today society is good that our computer
technology is more than enough. I think that if we get to much
technology people will get lazy. Kids will commit more crime through
the internet.