Technology surrounds us today like never before. Everywhere and anywhere we go there is something that technology has produced being used. The funny thing about technology is that we use it everyday without realizing or thinking that it is technology. We take it for granted. Thirty years ago the idea of a portable computer that could be carried around by anyone was unthinkable. In fact the technology we have now is being outdated at this very second by new technology in the world. The technological advance that has most impact and shaped my life is the invention of cable for the television. The technological advances that has been made in the past twenty years shape and mold today's society.
Some people television and cable is the source of today's laziness in children. They believe it teaches the viewer to live in a fantasy-land, where violence is permitted and bathroom humor is considered comedy. They say it will turn a mind into mush. I disagree with these thoughts. Television and cable are not just comedy shows, they offer educational background as well. Through this technological breakthrough, I can receive up to the minute coverage of breaking events around the world instead of reading about it a day late in the paper. Television offers a picture to go with the words unlike the radio. It serves as a quick and easy information source for people who work. To read about a war in the paper is nothing like experiencing it live through the TV where the words have a picture to match them. The history channels allow me to see what life was like in the twenties, the discovery channels show me what new technology is on the way, and the geography channels show me parts of the world I will never visit in my life. Even the comedy gives me a chance to sit back and enjoy life for a brief moment. Television and the cable channels give me the chance not only to read and hear about exciting things, but a chance to see them as well. Books are not the only means of teaching. If they were, then the public schools wouldn't have there own cable channels to show instructional videos and shows.
Television has helped me in more ways than it has hurt me. I rely on it to keep me covered in late breaking news as well as make me laugh. If one does not watch the TV, he isn't taking advantage of all the tools and supplies necessary to keep ahead in today's society. Also, if television wasn't important, why does almost every single family in America have one?