Teamwork is a wonderful word people like to use but few actually believe

in. The philosophy behind team has to do with a group of individuals with many

differing means and ideas coming together to accomplish the same goals.

Defined:Team- a group of animals exhibited or performing together, as horses in

an equestrian show. Then a teammate would be a fellow member of the team.

All this can be eliminated through simple principles. These principles will

enhance the work place and give each person the self-esteem and confidence to

strive for their best without the negatives that are ingrained into todays system of

indecision and untrusting ways. Deming gave many examples how management

is the key to the team. Goals and tools to accomplish these goals are authorized

or denied through management.

This paper will show examples of Deming's Points in practice toward a

military goal. Here are a few of the Deming Points viewed against the backdrop

of the military on a small scale, but could easily be broadened to engulf the

entire government prospective. Improvement can be accomplished all around

us: in the supply system, in the way we perform inspections, training our new

people, and the attitudes between departments or shops.

The practice of awarding a contract to a different supplier each time an m

is needed or contract is written is appalling. Each time an equipment item is

required the supply system looks for the item in its stock. When the particular

item is not found then appropriate suppliers are then linked associated by their

ability to deliver the required material or item. The system the ranks the

suppliers by: last time used, minority owned company, handicapped people

working there, etc. A new supplier does not always produce the same widget as

the one bought from another supplier. For instance: a fuse can be supplied by

almost anyone able to make a fuse, but when a piece of equipment specifies a

two ampere fifteen volt slow-blow fuse, then that is what is required. Not any

type fuse will do. Then some have the fuse needed but they only last a few

operating hours and others have a much longer capability. There is definitely a

difference in the specified item received, no matter how identical they seem.

Cost and variance in supplier seem to be the norm.

This practice of getting different item each time drags down the continuity

and the quality of the end product. By changing the front end materials this

reduces the quality by adding another red bead to the mix. When a white bead

is ordered and needed, then a white bead is need to accomplish the mission

or goal. Just because twelve or two hundred different distributors have the

same item does not mean that they are identical in quality, such as endurance

ability, etc. Availability of the material will also come into play, does this supplier

have the items ready at all times? Does he/she know the needs of the


When two groups of people get into an agreement together they start

helping each other by being there for each other. Whenever their needs grow or

wane then they can compensate by adjusting whichever way, and this also helps

adjust the longer the relationship lasts the better the quality of service and

quality of the items supplied. If the supplier will become knowledgeable as to

how many, about when, etc. then this will become an excellent source of widgets

or whatever. When the technician orders from the same company a couple of

times then he/she becomes very comfortable and satisfied with the product that

is received from the supplier. The customer always wants to know what they are

ordering is to the specifications that THEY need. With a different supplier each

time this reduces the the knowledge of what is needed. Also an added bonus

would be that when the same supplier would be used then the stress of the

ordering personnel would not have to work so hard to get the specifications

across again. Instead the item is already being manufactured and is ready to be

shipped. This would alleviate many problems that occur everyday to the supply

system and cut down and reduce many faulty part ordering