Teaching Unit Essay
This teaching unit for the Recreational leadership class was a very great experience, not only for me but im sure every other student who participated in it. It was a great learning experience which all students should try.
In terms of preparation, our group was very well prepared during the unit. We made sure that all our planning and activities were perfect and that if the class being taught did not enjoy what we have assigned, we always had a back up plan. We looked through different resources in order to prepare ourselves for what we will do for the class, for example we notified Mrs. Fair from time to time to see what the class was doing are what was already done. The theory and practical was also very helpful to us because it gave us a good idea of things we should and should not due, basically it prepared us for what we all were up against in this unit. We obviously made mistakes but that was for the best because the next time we did not make those mistakes.
As far as planning goes ,our group used the time we had very responsibly. We had our lesson plans, warm-up etc all ready to go in no time. Even though we did screw around sometimes, it was because all our work was done(well most of the time). We did get enough time to plan so that is basically the reason why us and the other groups came out successful.
Personally I thought this was a great experience for me because I always did have an interest in teaching students, especially phys-ed. So I learned a lot and found that as fun as it is , it is a lot of hard work and got a chance to see it for my self. I also learned that it requires more skills than I thought, like patience. Patience is something I don't have which I would need if I ever went into teaching, some kids in the unit would not co-operate which made me want to explode. But that is all part of the job. Personally I thought is was very fun but I don't really think teaching is for me, in or out of the classroom.. Our group received very great feedback, and I don't usually like to pat my self on the back but we did really well and I think we achieved a good mark.