Taming of the…………Women?


Taming of the shrew a play written by William Shakespeare is supposed to show the story of a man trying to make some easy money and ends up liking the supposed shrew. This play is said to be sexist by women. This play was also written in 1600’s and most people can’t seem to make the connection that back then the kind of behavior described in the book was ok. The sexist and time can be used on many different levels.

Studies have shown that people who find things sexist are they themselves sexist to others.

The behavior described in the book was ok for people of the late 1600’s. Men were to find and seek out women and fathers were to give their daughters up even if their daughter’s didn’t love the man. The whole perrctruchio and Kate thing I’m sure happened often but the outcome was probobly different. If the whole perrtruccio thing happened back then Kate would have been beaten for not doing what her husband says. Kate’s sister Bianca being a promiscuous young lady was the only thing that women of the time period were not allowed to do. Women were supposed to be kind to their husbands and obey what their husband commands. Women were treated similar to dogs. For example the fact that women today can vote was never even thought

The late 1600’s was a time where women where to obey their husband’s and do their bidding. The 21-century is a time where women rebelled against the evil empire and broke free of the scorns of doing what their husband says. The book Taming of The Shrew was written in the 1600’s where women had no idea that it was ok to do what they wanted all they knew was that men where their reason to live and that they had to obey. That’s were the argument begins at the fact that the play was written in 1600’s with the thought that it is sexist now just as it was sexist back then. Most people cant seem to understand that during Shakespeare’s time women had little to no right in a court or anywhere it was a man’s world.

People who generally think things are sexist are they themselves the cause of the problem for example during the women’s right movement some women wanted more freedom for women all over the country and other women said that men were the problem of everything and that they should be wiped off the face of the planet. One if there are no men on earth, the earth’s population will decrease rapidly. Two the woman who said that men where the problem and called men sexist is she herself being sexist. Which also brings the argument that everything will always be sexist and nothing is free of sexism. Another example if the fact that people seem to think everything is sexist for example a news reporter that is female might think that her boss is being sexist if he assigns a story on guy’s bathrooms to a male reporter.

Everything is sexist these days. That will never change and the thing is people don’t understand that what goes around comes around and people will be sexist and will get sexism thrown at them. This play was written in the 1600’s and queen Elizabeth saw it and didn’t complain. Some people Don’t Understand that stuff was different back then.

Generally the person who thinks everything is sexist will be sexist to other people. The point of the matter is that people will find that there is something sexist with everything a great example is the fact that women will get a better grade on this essay then men, that’s sexist right?