Taking My Son to the Pro Bowl

Last year, while living in Hawaii, I took my son, Trevor, to the Pro Bowl game at Aloha Stadium. We arrive two hours prior to kick-off and his eyes were as big as silver dollars. After we waited in the ticket line he began asking questions.

“Dad,” he said, “when will we see the players?”

I replied, “as soon as they begin their warm-ups.”

He was very inquisitive and the questions continued.

“Will we see Emmitt Smith?” he asked.

I replied, “yes, son, we will see him on this side of the field when the NFC players come out of their locker room.”

Each question that he asked was full of excitement. I could tell that he was happy to be here. We had been in our seats about a half hour when the teams came on to the field. I could see the questions were about to begin.

“Dad, there’s Emmitt!” he shouted with excitement.

“Why yes, it is,” I replied.

“Dad, do you think he can see me?” he asked.

“I’m not sure son, but if you wave at him and he waves back at you then you will know that he can see you,” I told him.

“Dad, look the Dallas Cowboy cheerleader is right there!” he belted with joy.

“Yes, and look there’s John Lynch of the Tampa Bay Bucs!” I said with excitement.

“Cool,” he said.

As the game began I could tell that he was engulfed in the action, his eyes fixed on every movement, on every play, on every whistle. I think this is probably one of the best father and son outings we had enjoyed.