Taking English 095 this semester has been somewhat of a struggle for me. When it came time to write an essay in class I would get all hyper and start to panic. However, the more essays that I would do the more comfortable I felt with myself in writing. Not only that, but also having the Writing Groups also helped me feel more comfortable.
The first paper in my portfolio is titled, "From Outside, In," by Barbara Mellix. It tells about the difficulties Mellix had with speaking two different languages; standard English and black English. She was confused about when and where to speak each language. This author argues about the ways those languages are taught to students (if they're even taught at all) and the way these languages are used.
Reading and understanding Mellix's essay wasn't hard for me at all since I could relate to some of the things she mentioned that she went through as a child. The hard thing for me was finding a way to start my paper and at the same time interest the reader. Even though I could relate to Mellix's essay, I would have to say that this was the weakest paper to write of the two in my portfolio. I didn't know where to put things and there were a lot of parts in my paper that weren't clear enough.
Revising this essay was just as hard as writing the paper, but with the help of the Writing Groups I was able to revise my paper better. The revision of my paper was just a matter of adding things in, taking things out, and substituting one thing for another. I also had to explain more thoroughly certain parts in my paper. For example, at in my conclusion of the paper I state how I feel and mention something about "ghetto black" English. One thing I didn't add in the original copy of that was stating what Barbara Mellix, the author would say about that. That was something that was added.
The second paper in my portfolio by William Lutz, "With These Words I Can Sell You Anything," was the best of the two papers written in my portfolio. This essay was about Lutz stating how he doesn't agree with the things advertisers do in order to sell their product. He claims that advertisers use weasel words in order to sell their product. Lutz wants people to be more cautious of what they buy when they do go to the store and buy a product.
In this essay, I was kind of confused about what weasel words were at first. As I read further into the essay, I became to get more familiar with weasel words from the examples that Lutz was using. I don't recall myself having any weaknesses in this essay except in finding a way to get the paper started. In my paper I broke it down as to what Lutz was talking about and defined the words that may not be known to the reader. I gave good examples in supporting his essay. Along with all of those good things I even had a nice flow of the whole essay that lead one paragraph to another and each stated its point. The positive of having a nice flow to a paper is leaving the reader in a position to where no questions should be asked.