Symbolism in the Flowers

Period 4

February 19, 2001

· Ophelia would give Gertrude the daisy since the queen in innocent throughout the entire play. She is also an innocent victim in result of her late husbands\' death.

· Laertes should receive the pansy. He was very thoughtful of him when he demanded a proper funeral for his father. In direct correlation to Ophelia her brother was thoughtful in his actions towards her, like when he forbade her to see Hamlet to \'protect herself.\'

· The columbine and fennel would go to Claudius. The columbine would apply to him due to his disloyalty to Ophelia\'s father. The fennel would be in regard of when the king was trying to flatter the council, city, and Hamlet in act one.

· Since Ophelia loves Hamlet, the rose would be given to him. Hamlet is also still full of memories of his father (rosemary) and sorrow (rue) over his death.

· Polonius would receive the violet since he was very faithful to the king throughout his whole life. Although Ophelia doesn’t know this, it is due to this faithfulness to Claudius was killed.