Symbol of Limits

American Government


In class I have many different things like the Symbol of limits, which was said by Ralph Ellison in his excerpt from “ What America Would Be Like without Blacks”. The symbol of limits is a metaphor for the “outsider” in which the whites and immigrants would use as a gauge to see how well they were doing in life. In other words, if they were doing better that the black people they were doing all right.

Nihilism is a word that is used to say you have no hope, no self-love or respect for your own people. The whites that say the black community is under the nihilistic threat, meaning we do not have any ambition, hope, self-love and respect. When that starts to happen the only way for us as a black society to change that thought is for us as a whole to have self- love and hope that is the only cure.

Another thing I have learned in class, are the many blacks that were the first to do or invent things. Garrett A. Morgan who was a black man invented the three way stop sign. Another would the first black man in a presidential cabinet, who was Robert C. Weaver and he was the head of the department of Housing and Urban Development in 1966 under president Linden B. Johnson. An important fact that I have also picked up in class was what the W.E.B in W.E.B. Dubois stands for. What the W.E.B stands for is William Edward Burgdhart Dubois, which is his full real name.

Another topic we covered in class was the discussion about the relatively conscious whites and the relatively conscious blacks, which was talked about by James Baldwin in an excerpt from “The Fire Next Time”. The terms the Baldwin used stand for the people, because that is who and only who can end the racial nightmare.

The next topic that I am going to go into is the significance of voting and how important it is to vote. Voting is a way for us (the people) to get our voices heard. That way when we want a change in our community, you would vote on it to make the change happen, because it is not going to happen by just talking about it. The two types of government that I learned about were a democracy and republicanism. Democracy means a system of rule by the people, defined by the existence of popular sovereignty, political equality, and political liberty. Republicanism is a political doctrine advocating limited governed based on popular consent protected against majority tyranny.