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Date Rape on College Campus

Brandi Morgan
Community College of Allegheny County
December 5, 1997

More and more people are starting to hear about date rape on college campus’s. The number of reported rapes on campus’s has increased 62% in the past 7 years (Gose A53). The topic of date rape is kept on a low key level on most campus’s because, fear of public attention. Most of the time the victims do not report the crime, when in fact victims need to identify their attacker. People need to be aware of the various ways to prevent date rape.
Date rape is unwanted, forced sexual contact. It is also an attack between two people who know each other, have chosen to get together socially, and perhaps even like each other or have a romantic relationship.
Date rape is never a form of making love or a type of seduction because of two important elements: the lack of consent and the use of force.
There have been thousands of articles written on college campus date rape. It is a topic the is really being stressed at most schools. At Brown University there are condoms that are put in an envelope and posted on the bathroom wall (Gose A53). Most people say that by doing this it is encouraging guys to go out and have sex. For students of both sexes there is pressure to score- to get drunk and get lucky. At one college in Canada they have a program in which the students can call a number and a student council member will escort you safely home.
Many colleges have a sexual conduct code. In one such school if you are even accused of sexual harassment or rape, you are brought to a trial of faculty and staff who choose rather you stay at the college or not. Some schools are more harsh than others depending on their code of conduct.
One popular form of college date rape is by fraternity brothers. Where there are frat parties, there is drinking. Most of the time girls go to the parties and start to drink a few drinks then they start to have a couple more. During these parties the frat brothers are in competition to score. They prey on the girls who are drunk. A story was reported at one campus that a man found a women friend drunk, unconscious, and naked in the hall of his fraternity. He took her in his room and escorted her home in the morning. When his brothers found out about the incident they wanted to know why he did not “share” her with them.
A common place for the rapes to occur are in the residence of the females. Most are when a girl asks a guy to walk them home. The guy sees this as an honor, it means she trusts him. This trust is sometimes taken to a whole new level when the guy makes his move. “After a while he will act real sweet and understanding” says Grostien (Johnson 42). Todd Grostien is a third semester student and frat brother attending Brown University. He says that in the fraternity there is so much competition to see who can score. He said one time he was going to go into his room to get a shirt for a girl he met at a frat party. When they came to the bedroom door he saw his room mates shoes outside of the door. He knew that it meant to stay out because he had a girl in the room. The girl went down to the party and Todd went into the bathroom. As Todd was leaving he heard a lot of crying coming from his room. Todd knew it was a cry of help, but he just went down to the party. Shortly after, he seen the girl come down the steps and straight out the door. Todd never seen the girl again. The next day his room mate was bragging to his brothers about the great time he had with the girl. To this day Todd feels he could have prevented the situation if he would have only went in the