What are anabolic steroids? Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of
the male

hormone testosterone. The full name is androgenic anabolic steroids. These
products of

testosterone promote the growth of skeletal muscle and increase lean body
mass. Anabolic

steroids were first abused by bodybuilders seeking to get an edge on the

Today, bodybuilders and athletes use anabolic steroids to enhance
performance and also to

improve physical appearance. Steroids are taken orally or injected, abusers
typically take

them in cycles of weeks or months rather than continuously, this is called
cycling. Cycling

is really loading up on them for a while, then taking a little break from
them. Users these

days take multiple different drugs at a time for a even more deadly affect,
this is know as



Should steroids be legalized? It is my opinion, that yes, they should be

This is not just due to the positive affects of them, but also the negative.
Everything will

be detailed in the order of reasons they should be legalized, usage
statistics, side effects

and the good affects from steroids, and finally the opinion from a user.

Subtopic #1 - Reasons for Legalization

Steroid are illegal to purchase and sell, but not illegal to take. That is
one reason

steroids are not really enforced as a law. The other is that it is not a
drug you will find on

any old guy at a party like pot or what have you. This is not an easy drug
to detect. Most

steroids users live very healthy lives, not that of a drug addict. The
reason I bring this up

is because the determining factor of whether a person decides to use
steroids or not will

not be the fear or getting charged, but rather the health risks or that they
could get caught

during random drug tests in the athletes respective sport. These days, that
is not even a

threat. There are many drug experts around that will help you and supply
you with

different drugs that will actually block the test so it comes up negative.
How do you think

all the pro bodybuilders pass their test? How about 80% of the NFL football

The tests are so easy to cheat and the threat of criminal charges is so
little that it's hardly

an issue. Now, I know that steroids do have a big health risk, but so do
cigarettes and

alcohol, which are all legal. Now, alcohol is illegal up to a limit. The
translation would be

you are allowed to use it, but not abuse it. This is how it should be with

Cigarettes and alcohol kill millions each year, and although I could not
locate any statistics

on deaths related to steroids, I would venture to say it is less than a
thousand. Rarely do

you ever hear about a steroid related death, and the only time you do is
because of severe

abuse. What kind of abuse am I talking about? I'm talking about the IFBB pro

bodybuilders. In the last 5 years there have been 2 deaths via steroids.
Just to give you an

idea about how much these guys take. If the average recommended dosage of
deca is 100

milligrams every second day, these guys will taking on the upwards of 500-1000

milligrams per day. But, as mentioned in the introduction, they stack many,
many drugs.

Most guys will be taking a minimum of 5 different drugs at a time, and all
of them way

above the recommended dosage. No wonder a few of these guys die once in a
while! The

media obviously portrays steroids as the extreme, as in previous example.
Any way you

slice it, the dangers are far less than cigarettes. Another reason I think
steroids should be

legalized ties into the above example of how people are not afraid of the
law when

choosing whether or not to take anabolic steroids. One reason I think they
should be

legalized is so people know what they are getting. Most steroids will come
from Mexico

and then to various dealers on the street and finally your local juice
monkey in the gym.

Who knows where they have been? They could literally be 1/10th steroid by
the time they

are actually in your hands. You could be injecting anything from motor oil
to sugar for all

you know. This could prove deadly. So, why not legalize it so large,

supplement companies can sell it? This way you know you would be getting
the real