Stephen Biko
Many people are considered to be heroes, but only a few of them really deserve that title. One of these deserving heroes is Stephen Biko, a black male who was killed because of his stand against apartheid. He was depicted in the movie “Cry Freedom” by actor Denzel Washington as a black individual who fought for black freedom. The movie showed that Mr. Biko met with a white newspaper editor, Donald Woods, and became great friends with him until his death. Stephen Biko was a true hero!
This hero’s name is Bantu Stephen Biko (Mr. Stephen Biko). He was born in King William’s Town, South Africa. Mr. Biko entered the University of Natal to study medicine, although he was later ejected for his political activities. After leaving university, Mr. Biko did many things to help the black people fight against apartheid, like setting up many organizations for the people. His hunger for getting blacks equality caused Biko many difficulties. First, Stephen was banned, which meant he could only see one person at a time, and he could not leave the country for at least five years. During his ban, Biko was caught going to a white area and he was arrested. While in prison, Stephen was severely beaten to death, but the police said that his death took place because he went on a hunger strike.
Stephen Biko achieved many great feats during his life. One of these feats was his acceptance to the University of Natal. He entered the institute to study medicine, though he did not complete the course because of his political activities. Mr. Biko also put forth many ideas to help the black people understand what the whites were doing to them. He said that treating of the blacks poorly itself was not the worst problem they had, the big dilemma was that the blacks were accepting the treatment. Biko also founded the Black Consciousness Movement, a movement that had the objectives of uniting all black victims of white racism, and eventually to form an independent black state. Meeting with many important figures, such as Donald Woods, to fight against apartheid was another deed that Stephen Biko did.
There are many reasons why the things that Stephen Biko did, would label him as a hero. The first would be his admission to the university. This is because he was one of the people from a select group to attend the university, and he was also black! Although not much was being done about the racist situation, Stephen Biko still founded organizations for blacks to interact with each other to enlighten the problem. Major figures have usually used violent techniques to get their ideas through. The significant thing about Biko is that he did not use violence to spread his ideas. He used his wits to try to tell the government in South Africa that what they were doing was wrong. Another great characteristic Biko had was his willingness to die for the sake of getting blacks equality. He showed this when he decided to see Donald Woods, despite of the risks involved.
Stephen Biko was and is a true hero. Heroes are often connected to sports figures, but the real heroes are those that risk their lives for the sake of others. However, Stephen Biko was not the only hero in this film, there was someone else. That someone was Donald Woods; he was an important reason why Stephen was heard all over the world because of the help he provided in getting the information out to other countries. To this day, Mr. Biko is considered to be a true hero, even after his death.