Experience comes only when one tries to perform something. Being a law student, I understand that how important the law is, and its use in the society. Everyone has the knowledge that there is particular code of conduct, which prohibits people from committing any wrong. But when someone commits any act, it is often seen that victim becomes reluctant to take action against the culprit due to various reasons. So it becomes the duty of people who knows the importance of law and helps such people in getting fair chance to present their problems. So, by being the part of this project, my aim is to gain experience that how the law works in the society works and to ensure that everyone is getting a fair chance to use the legal services provided by the authorities. I have interned in Legal Cell of Bachpan Bachao Andolan which included similar kind of work. Also, currently I'm studying Criminal Law as a course subject. Therefore, I have basic experience and knowledge which may be required by the authorities in this project.